i survived my 3 minutes on stage – and with some degree of success beyond survival, i might add. ^_^  even bobbie told me i had done well!

i did not get any bookings, however, there did seem to be several people interested – maybe some will even  visit the webpage and order??  and maybe there will be an invitation to a new quilt show??  also, someone took information from each of us(our handouts) to take to the southern calif version of this same thing.  there is always a table available for literature from teachers who cannot make it to the ‘on stage’ thing.

after the gig, we headed out for lunch!!  much needed by moi – as usual i had not allowed time for eating before we left!  we went to the same french rest. we had been to a couple of other times when in that area.  i splurged – and it was even kinda healthy!  broiled trout and lots of veggies/salad.  yum!  and a ‘typical; french dessert of fruits and cheese.

the drive home was safe and as quick as traffic would allow – it was almost 3:00 by the time we hit the freeway and that means the beginning of rush hour out here!  not terrible, just quite heavy – couple of slow downs/stops, etc.  home by about 5:00.

i did manage to get most of the kits folded – not all.  must finish those today – plus a million other things!  heading out at dawn for eureka!  that means, besides all the final gathering and packing – it all must get moved to the rv.  and i have to do laundry – or go buy more undies! geeezzz.  so the washer is already doing its thing and once i have finished this, i will print covers for those kits!  if i don’t have enough pattern copies, i am going to just pull some from the (packaged) patterns in the garage – then will do the office max run next week!  i really do need to clone myself!  way too many things to handle. ^_^

no pics today.  will take the camera and see what i can take while gone.  weather has really cooled here, so it won’t be the ‘relief’ i was looking forward to being close to the coast.  still, the drive up 101 will be nice.  should take about 6 hours from here.  setup begins at noon.  then, they have an evening ‘gala’ from 7-9.  not looking so forward to that.  those things never do so well for the vendors – truth is, everyone just wants to see their own quilt hanging – not shop.    at least there will be free food. ^_^

ok, off to it

love and beauty