ever since the day the new hotwater heater got installed i have been noticing the lights ‘flickering’.  and it has been a bit of a concern, to say the least.  i was pretty sure it wasn’t the tank,  and since it had begun before the fridge (also) got plugged in – i just wasn’t sure what it was.  until yesterday.  now, all this time i have also been monitoring the sewer (holding) tank because i noticed i wasn’t seeing the lights ‘flicker/dim’ and then hearing the pump.  then, yesterday afternoon as i stepped out the door – i could smell it.  and when i went over and lifted the board that covers the square hole in which the tank sits – sure enough, it had overflowed – which means the pump hadn’t come on.  then i realized i had not seen the lights flickering for the past two days – at least.  and i knew it was the pump that had been causing it.  for some reason it had been ‘shorting out’ or just working intermittantly ever since having been unplugged during the heater installation.

soooo, i drove straight to the rv and got the bottle of sewer tank treatment stuff!!  killed another bird with that stone and picked up the black eyed susan sample – as you may recall, i have a little problem there as well. 😦

initially i was heading to myra’s to do a fabric ‘exchange’ thing.  at the mini-market held here in sac, we had both ordered fabric – i to share and she ‘for’ me from manufacturers i am not ‘big’ enough to open an account with.  (sorry about that preposition there at the end, ms sedge). ^_^  so, i did that – and of course i came out on the short end and still owe her.  ^_^

once home, i added the sweetner to the sewer – and then a couple more doses later, just to be safe.  when tom came home, we went to h.d. to scope out new pumps (ouch).  he has refused to begin the awful job until tomorrow.  says he does not want to work all day and then come home and do THAT!  hmmm, wonder why? 🙂  however, we did juryrig the shop vac so I could empty the tank.  oh joy, what a lovely job.  fortunately the stuff i had added had done its magic and it was a lot less offensive than the last time i did it (by hand!! – ok, by bucket)

so now, i have, essentially – no indoor plumbing of any kind.  or would have none if i weren’t willing to pump it out again.  so, i am doing ‘grey water’ only and will have to walk the 100 feet or so up the path to the facilities in the big house.  ain’t life grand! ^_^

other than that, nothing  major a’happinin’.  i gathered all the fabrics to cut all the nearly nouveau kits.  i will cut several for each and take them with me to oregon.  i will have plenty of  ‘down’ time to fold at my liesure.  once the sun has come around to the west side and it’s too hot to be at the cutting table, i will remove the current overlay from the susan and replace it.  more ‘oh joy’. ^_^

it’s always something! 

 here is the path i must walk.  only this picture was taken in april and what was green (on the ground) is now not.  now dusty.

uppath.jpg  love and beauty