i am happy to report that i once again have indoor plumbing!  not one of the most pleasant jobs ‘we’ have had to do.  poor tom had to do most of it.  my efforts to vacuum everything out of the holding tank with the lid still on it were less than wonderful.  the shop vac did not work with the end of the tube fully submerged and there was not enough room in the opening to move the end of the hose properly or to see exactly where it was relative to the top of the water, etc.  not to mention there was the problem with ‘suction’ not working so well once the hole was plugged with the sucking tube.  one time it actually drained the toilet and still didn’t empty the tank.   i can say that all the sewer treatment stuff used in the rv holding tanks did help!!!  still – a whole lot less than ‘pleasant’.  and he had to drill all the bolts out of the cover because all the heads had rusted beyond being useful – socket would just spin, nothing to hold onto.  and it was HOT out there!  sooo, just don’t ever forget what a luxury it is to have indoor plumbing!!  i mean, i couldn’t even run a faucet!   need i say that shower felt heavenly yesterday! ^_^

so, i have cut kits till i’m blue in the face, so to speak.  now i must just concentrate on getting ready to leave – for two shows and being on the road for about 2 weeks!  yikes!!  yes, i am feeling some degree of panic.  i must leave wed, no later than noon.  will drive to hugo/grants pass area where there is a very nice rv park.  then thurs will do the final 5 hours to newport and then setup when i get there.  fortunately i will be staying right there, as they have moved the show to the fairgounds.  i am happy about that!  another 3 day show.  on sunday, after teardown, i will drive down to waldport to the rv park where i normally stay when up there.  tiny place on the alsea river – lovely owners, etc.  not sure what day i will head down to florence.  it’s only 40 miles, so could wait till the last day.  then again, i may want to see if i can stay near the beach for a day or so.  we shall see.  i’d love to stay where i did last year, but they have converted that one to some kind of leased deal.  just too bad for us ‘poor’ folks!  it was right on a beach, literally!  about 20 steps from rv to sand! bummer.

ok, i do need to get to it here.  am going to spend some time sitting – have been standing at the cutting table for a couple of days.  that is, if i can get pepe out of my chair.  would you look at this!  talk about relaxed!! (hmm, the thumbnail option is gone again)


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