need to get to it here, but thought i would post the picture of the black eyed susan with its new overlay/frame.  it certainly makes those flowers pop!

lots to do today in order to be ready to head out on wed.  feeling a little ‘nervous’ about being on the road for 2 weeks – and some concern for mr. pepe home alone for that long.  suspect the cat from the big house will figure out i am gone and come in to feast on pepe’s food and who knows what.  probably loves sleeping on my bed.  i have asked bobbie to stop in if she is up this way and just make sure he still has food.  he can drink from the fountain outside.

sure hope i remember everything important for the booth!  i can purchase whatever i forget for myself – hmm, do need a third show outfit.  the other two are still in the van.

susan2.jpgand now i’m really going to get to work – ok, shower and breakfast first.  tend to forget to do that sort of thing and just start working!

love and beauty