August 2007

i realized yesterday that while i had been out there (and ‘yelling’ out my window) with thoughts something just less than wishing i could use their chain saws and other sharp instruments on them (the tree ‘butcherers’) – i was wearing this shirt!


so, today’s another day – brand new.  and i will do my best to leave yesterday’s disharmony right there!  and to get some work done as well. ^_^

the van has 4 new ‘feet’ – thought i was only buying 2, but tom thought i wanted 4, and i was out wandering in the car lot when he removed all four wheels.  came in to discover same, and he in process of balancing the new tires already installed on the rims.  oops!  ok, the two back tires did not match – a result of flat tires while i was travelling – both a result of having picked up something sharp.  one of them not so old, the other happened in 2005 on the way to houston – so it had several miles on it.  now i have four matching tires and all is well – except perhaps the credit card is very thin again.  yikes!  not to worry.  Life is Good, failure is not an option!   just remember that!!

and so, today, now that i have cleared the space after cutting all i could for all the ancient art kits – except for the ginko -i will begin the ginko cutting process.  it will be good to know exactly how many i have for each.  so i will cut all that i can.  or at least 24 of each colorway.  i will then know when i need to make a new one – and i do have some new fabrics for that.

i have also made some good progress on the latest motif for the opp quilt.  have some finishing up to do on a couple others, and then i need to draw 3 new mini’s.  then i need to decide what the heck i’m doing next and how!  probably doing some bamboo in a wide border, etc.  just not ‘designed’ yet.  scary!

gotta go

love and beauty

yes, i do realize that group of guys is going to have a good time laughing about that crazy old lady who lives in this little house ‘in the woods’.  guess it’s good to spread some cheer.

and now, there is a second group here.  i was giving them an earful, and they seemed to not understand what the h i was talking about.  first, i was upset because they parked their big trucks such that i could not get out of my own driveway.  and, second, “they”, in the course of dragging all those branches across the carport, had left the parking area of our driveway littered with the cardboard boxes that had been stacked on the carport!  eventually the spokesperson for the group realized that another crew had been here before them and that they were to blame.  hmmm  i would be very tempted to say, well, “they all look the same to me”.  not a good thought.  truth is, i just didn’t really look at the first crew.  hard hats and darker skin than mine.  that’s about all i can say.  oh, and all men.  so more a case of my own lack of observation – ok, and colored by one of those conversations that still lurk in here somewhere. sorry! 

so, they moved the trucks so i could get out.  no, i wasn’t planning to go to the store this early, but just felt onery enough to do it.  when i got back, trucks were better parked, so no problem.  and, before coming back here, watched as they cleaned up the mess.  including a bag of topsoil that had been tipped over and thus emptied at the base of the little kids’ basketball hoop and some of it dragged for several feet.  for that i had to lend them a broom and dustpan. 

and NOW i plan to applique!!  my nerves could use some calming. ^_^  as in, i just need to “get off it” !!!  and stop being a B_ _ _ _ _ !

love and beauty

in fact – very upset at the moment.  the tree butcherers are here and they have just done a number on my wonderful huge oak tree that provides me shade for the bedroom.  for those of you who live in a non-fire state – this is something that happens at least every other year.  this is the first time they have so badly attacked that wonderful tree.  and as i am writing, they are walking (within 7 feet of my window) by with the ‘carnage’.  they claim to cut to assure at least 13 feet between branches and wires.  however, i don’t believe the men who do the job care (or know!) one whit about the trees – so they just cut a lot to make sure they have fulfilled their requirement.  often they just leave the branches where they fall.  one year i complained about that, so now they tend to carry them out.  course that means they drag them and destroy any flowers i have planted in that bed along the path that leads to the back.  fortunately i didn’t plant anything new in there this year or it would be history about now.  at least they had to duck under that support i have for the tall baby pine tree that got bent during the winter when we had an unusual and heavy snowfall.  it’s just a long piece of fabric strips (what else?) ^_^ that go around the tree and are then tied to the garden fence – and thus you must do the limbo to pass under it. ^_^  ok, or just ‘duck’. 

 i suppose i could handle this better if i knew the cutting was done by someone who had some knowledge and care for the trees.  for these guys, it’s just a job.  and, yes, mostly they don’t speak english (at least not unless they have to).  which makes it even harder to communicate my ‘concerns’ – like they don’t understand at any level!  well, i guess it’s over for another year or two – and i’m sure that lovely old tree will survive.  perhaps if i had been a little ‘nicer’, i could have talked them into removing the dead branches which we could use, and which might eliminate a potential problem .  there is a big-ish one that will do some major damage to my shed if it lets go.  oh well.  they caught me at a bad time this time.  was already feeling ‘bad’ due to a less than wonderful sleep last night.  and so it goes. 

 it’s also a matter of feeling somewhat invaded or something – people just don’t come this close to my home.  i don’t live where there are people walking by – ever!  nor can i even see anyone – not unless they walk down the path to visit.  can’t even see cars driving by.  can hear them on the highway over there.  can barely see them sometimes if i try.  so, having several men walking by with chain saws and ropes and all manner of cutting tools – a little disconcerting. not to mention the fact that while they were in the tree, they were looking right into my bedroom window – and the bed is right under it.  when i tried to lie down because i was feeling like a really good cry – felt rather like a goldfish!  making the dogs crazy, that’s for sure.  tired of listening to that as well.  don’t want to discipline too much, for obvious reasons!  and now we are being entertained by the sound of the big chipper making mulch of what they cut.  hopefully it will end up being of use to someone.

so, on that note, i will close for now.  time to do some sewing (applique)  and recover what little sanity i can. ^_^

love and beauty

it was late and i had begun to worry – but they arrived safe and sound.  at least, part of them.  no, some of them – those who arrived did have all their parts. ^_^  the girls were dropped off at mom’s and wade requested to be dropped off here in town.  since he confessed his love for a girl before they left, i spect he beat it to her door! ^_^  10 days is a long time when you are in love and apart!

didn’t see the little ones.  by the time i walked up there, they were already in bed.  given the time zone which they had left, it was well after midnight.  long day for 3 and 4 year olds.  as for tom, he admitted he wanted to stay there.  i am sooooo glad that isn’t possible.  i do not want to go back to ohio – nor do i want to once again be across the country from him.  and i too wish that big wonderful house could stay in the family – yes, even be his.  it would be a true dream come true for him.  while i would be happy for him – would not work at all for me.  altho – that big barn would make a fabulous home and studio! hmmmm ^_^

enough of that!!!

managed to get some kits cut and some sewing done.  also the final trip to mary’s house to advise on the background – sandy delivered it to me later in the day.  i have attached a photo of my first ‘pin up’ of it.  there is much to be done.  more mini crests to draw and a border to design.  however, i am somewhat relieved to see that my idea looks acceptable so far.  guess my biggest fear is that no one will like it enough to buy tickets.  now that would be embarrassing – no, humiliating!

oppquilt.jpgonce again, got only full size option, so tried to shrink it down my self without distorting it.

love and beauty

of time alone.  they are on their way home, even as we speak – somewhere in the sky above illinois, perhaps?  i expect them here before dark.  once on the ground, luggage retrieved and car gotten out of hock from the garage – there is the unhappy task of dropping the girls off at their mom’s in south s.f.   and then the long drive home with the two tired little ones, and wade.  i’ll bet suzanna is about crazy today waiting for marcus to come home!!  i know i would be! ^_^

i managed to gather all the bolts, etc in order to begin the cutting process.  chose not to begin until today.  did go to the rv to get my clothes and the tubs with patterns and notions in them.  at some point i need to make sure i have sufficient patterns for the next trip.  and then, later – there will be the need to prepare for houston – on top of the local, regular shows before! (including a big one)  ahhh, the life of the rich and famous. ^_^

had an interesting and surprising evening.  i had settled in and was sewing away on that new block/motif for the opp quilt when the phone rang.  it was erv, with a dinner invitation!  i didn’t really want to go out – was all set to make some real progress on that piece.  but, somehow i went anyway.  not to a restaurant – he was fixing something at his place.  now, understand – this is even less of a ‘normal’ place than what i have here!! he lives in a parked small ‘camper’/rv trailer within the confines of the rv and mini storage place.  well, there are actually two trailers – one kind of in front of the other.  the second one is sort of occupied by his grown and seldom there daughter.  anyway, inbetween the two he has set up an ‘outdoor’ kitchen area – complete with fridge and freezer and who knows what all.  he was cooking in a wok out there.  all of that is to the left of his landing/steps/porch and door.  to the right of the door(etc) are two chairs and one small footstool-like table, and a tree stump table.  in front of the chairs is an outdoor fireplace – about like the one in waldport – concrete block enclosure.  he spends a lot of time sitting outside in all seasons – weather permitting.  and, yes, there are tarps on frames and covering everything like a roof. 

it was a pleasant enough evening.  now he wants me to play golf on tues!!!!  i have not touched a club since some time before i moved out here 9 years ago.  have the opportunity to make a rather big fool of myself! ^_^  haven’t decided.  will admit that there is absolutely not one trace of authentic fun in my life these days.  if it isn’t work related – it doesn’t happen.  yes, i do know – not exactly “healthy”.  we shall see what happens.

ok, time to begin cutting, before the heat sets in.  then i will sit and sew.

love and beauty

so far, doing ok.  getting lots of work done.  have all the nouveau kits cut, and only the iris left to package some (16).  still need to print the covers and count out beads for that one.  not sure i have enough beads left for 16. hmmm  i will definitely restock those while in houston!  may have to visit a local shop before that.

i have the third larger motif drawn for the opportunity quilt.  plan to start on it today.  poor sandy thought she had that background ‘done’, but between mary and me – well, my initiating the actions by pointing out the problem, and then having mary agree with me – the two of them have now completely disassembled it!  (still don’t see how the spell checker works – no indication with or without a double ‘s’ in the dis part of that word).  at each level of disassembly i got a call from sandy to let me know what they were doing.  the original plan was for them to return it to me this past wed.  ^_^  she wanted me to know how come it was going to be late(r).  i’m just feeling really ready to do some applique again.  oh, i did get all the beads on the one i just finished.  will take a picture and add it here.  ok, took two.  one overall and one to show beads up close.


oppiris1.jpgonce again, only got ‘full size’, so did my best to shrink it down without distorting it. 

ok, best be getting to work here.  getting hot and late.  hate to turn the cooler on again, cause then i have to close the door – hate the heat worse. ^_^

love and beauty

doing well, i think – with this ‘home alone’ stuff.  doing my best to stay positive in the face of lots of negative ‘facts’ – mostly to do with money.  oh, and with the teens.  not much good news there.  but, for now – suspending all of that.  just talked with tom and he has been doing as i (and the kids!) had hoped – sharing things about himself from way back then.  they are at his grandmother’s home.  she is no longer alive and the farm is still awaiting final whatever.  it is an historical site/building, so will be preserved – just not going to have any of the burns family living in it, ultimately.  so this is their last chance to be there, probably.  tom’s dad is living there to care for it until final decisions are made.  just too bad the way things are these days – that it can’t be passed down because no one person could afford to ‘own’ it.  and, probably, my tom is the only one who wants it.  in that regard, i am kinda thankful he can’t have it.  i do NOT want to go back to ohio – nor would i want to live that far away from him again.  complicated stuff, families!!

did some folding of fabric, and printed kit covers – so everything i folded in waldport is now complete.  i still have two sets to fold, plus two still to be cut. (that is only for the nearly nouveau series – haven’t even begun the ancient art!)  i am really not enjoying this.  much easier to do only 8 at a time.  this 16-24 stuff is a drag! ^_^  still, i will be very happy later – when i am preparing for piqf and houston and won’t have to worry about cutting kits!!

i also finished the applique on the (one of several!) motif for the opp. quilt and began sewing on some beads to embellish it.  also got out the paper template for the  background and did a rough new layout that includes the 20″ circle that was originally going to be a separate block.  i think i won’t need as many of the 6″ circles now.  i am also planning to add a wide border and do some bamboo in it – and it will probably spill over into the background.  so i need some open space, for sure.

after i let the 3 “kittens” out, they all came down here – to drink from the fountain.  the black one was here yesterday and i didn’t get a picture – was able to do that today.  as you can see, they are drinking from the ‘bubbler’ (as they say in boston) just like we would. ^_^  they are really missing all the people being around!

kitts1.jpgblack one is Macy, and tiger one is BC – go figure. ^_^  i think bc is going to turn out to be a maine coon type. 

kitts2.jpgand there’s the brat cat, Woody.  rare female ‘orange’ cat.  if you are wondering, the little kids named them. ^_^  cept tom named bc.  what can i say?

love and beauty

maybe should really be day 1, after departure, that is.

well, got the camera out of the suitcase and downloaded the only picture i was able to take.  for some reason the camera decided to quit – or, i should say, the card seemed somehow curupted and i could not take anymore pictures without losing this one.  i chose to just wait and download this fog picture and then reformat the card and see if would then work.  i think i had had trouble with this one before.  i had to pull out the other one as i had filled it with pictures of the deer twins.  didn’t get those downloaded to a cd so i could reformat that card i knew was good.  soooo – here is the fog at the rv park in waldport.  it was like this everymorning until the last two – the second being the day i left.  on those two days, there was sun early and it was definitely warmer during those days.  you can also see in this picture, just a couple of the small tents of the large family i had talked about. ^_^ (oops, guess not.  system edited the picture a bit and they got cut off.)


once again i didn’t have the option for a thumbnail.  maybe someone can explain that to me??  some do, some don’t. dang

ok, i also captured a couple of the baby (twin) deer pictures.  if the first one doesn’t show up as a thumbnail, i don’t think i’ll include all three in this one post!


well, i  tried to make it smaller here and i think maybe i only distorted it??  not too bad – i just checked and it seems to be not badly distorted.  the next two show each baby getting a ‘bath’ – if you can see that.

deer2.jpg well, this one came thru as a thumbnail.  ???

deer3.jpga little clean up behind the ears! ^_^

and, speaking of critters = had another small furry one in here last night, thanks to mr. p!  grrr.  managed to usher it out the door while pepe was thinking it was still under my chair.  silly cat! ^_^

love and beauty

they are all gone – boo hoo!  feels very alone here.  been a stressful week, i can say that!  that show in florence was definitely nothing to write home about!  and then the long drive home didn’t help.  i did drive to hugo and stay that night.  then, i stopped at the quilt shop in ashland, Quiltz – where i will be teaching a class on sept 22.   spent way longer than expected there, so by the time i stopped at the rv storage, took out all the food and personals, manuevered vehicles and drove home – it was past 9:00pm and i was very tired.

the next morning i was up and back on the road by 8:00, to go for my appointment.  then some time with my brother that was less than great – we were ok, i mean it wasn’t that we were out of sorts with each other.  just one of those days with him when things don’t go exactly as planned.  we were going to have lunch at a special restaurant, one that has just reopend after a fire and an extensive and meticulous rebuild.  one of those deals where if he were to rebuild, it had to be done exactly like it was before!!  nothing added or moved, etc.  so, my dear brother has been photographing this process for however long it’s been – like years.  so this was to be a big kind of deal.  only problem, as usual, himself forgot about something called ‘time’ and we arrived just at (lunch) closing time.  scrap that idea!

then we went on up to bodega to visit the artist co-op and his ex-long term significant other – a person i still consider a friend.  deal was his advice had been asked with regard to color choices for painting the outside of the small building that houses the co-op.  unfortunately, when we arrived there were already (non-english speaking) men painting!  it’s a long and silly story – let’s just say we were there for a couple of hours – and i never did get lunch.  and i was very hungry.

then we had to go to carol’s house to pick up some newspaper article.  i enjoyed the garden and the chickens – however, i was still starving.  eventually we got back to his house and i beat it up 101 to ruth’s house as fast as i could go.  ok, with one stop at trader joe’s for goodies and wine.  i mean, ya just can’t drive right past the place!!

ruth and i had a lovely evening – she had gathered a few things for dinner – and i took a few.  since it was nearly 9:00 by the time i got there, (i think) the evening went very quickly!

in the morning, early, we loaded up the van with baskets of clothing and who knows what all.  turns out ruth and her friend kate had finally found a house to rent!  they have been looking for some time – needed not only 3 bedrooms, but at least a 2 car garage that could be converted into a studio for ruth – to do her antique book binding and repair  business!!  i have been dreading this a little, as i love going to petaluma and especially loved her studio.  however, it does not have exactly perfect facilities – as in, no hot water, no shower, etc.  as it turned out, i do really like the new place.  however, it will take me at least an additional half hour to get there from novato.  sometimes i am pretty tired by the time i leave my brother’s house!  just have to watch that, i guess.  it’s easy to do 10 min on 101 half asleep.  not so good to do 40-45!  didn’t take the camera, so no pictures to show.  lovely location.  5 acres, fairly private, hugh old (400 years old!) valley oaks.  for those of you who live elsewhere – these trees don’t just grow up big and tall.  they have these amazing huge fat branches/trunks that do all sorts of twists and turns – and  the base of the trunks are not only very big, they often look more like a bunch of big trees grafted together.  amazing things!!  and they stay ‘green’ all year.  there is also an orchard, and a small barn.  the garage is a newer and separate building from the house – and the owner is putting in drywall and installed french doors on the side!!  it will be perfect for ruth.  sooo, i’m pretty ok with it now. ^_^  and sophie loved it!  lots of space to run free – with grass!  oh, which they do not have to care for – lawncare guys come in and handle it!  how devine! ^_^  it is located on the north west side of santa rosa, by the way.  looks like plenty of horses in the neighborhood – always good energy, i think!

since i got home wed afternoon, it’s mostly been about preparing for them to go.  attempting to deal with the teens, etc.  been pretty awful here.  in fact, when they return, the girls are being taken directly to their mom’s house in south san francisco.  so, i had to say some serious goodbye’s this morning.  spent some time crying a little.  by now, they are there, i guess.  just looked at the papers tom left – they should be landing just about now.  in indy.  that means a 100 mile drive to get to grandpa’s house north of cincinnati.  i sure hope marcus’s ears didn’t hurt him like tom’s did when i took him on a plane at about the same age!  makes takeoff and landing painful for everyone!!  actually, i guess they aren’t there yet.  tom said the flight had been changed by the airline, and they had a layover – so instead of the 4+ hours, it was going to be more like 6+. 😦  what a deal – 3 teens, a 4 year old, and a 2 1/2 year old.  oh goodie.  still – kinda wish i could have gone.  but – lots of critters here to care for! 

ain’t life grand!!

ok, time to get back to the opportunity quilt.  did have a little ‘meeting’ with sandy and mary to show them what i didn’t like about the background.  somehow they couldn’t see it.  they sure did once i took the extra long straight edge!  now i have to get these motifs done!!

love and beauty

waldport-4.jpgwhat a long day – on the road.  left the rv park about 11:30 – later than expected.  didn’t quite wake up so early – guess i was pretty tired after the slow show, teardown, packup and drive!  ugh

oh, i went into the office to pay as i was leaving the park, since they were already closed by the time i arrived the night before.  i had warned them i would be arriving late, so i knew it was no problem.  well, you may recall i mentioned how tempted i was to stop in roseburg rather than drive those extra miles – about 60, i believe.  turns out the guy with the super long rig had been in “my” space for several days.  then, yesterday, the owners made him move because i was coming and i ‘had to have that space’.  i have no idea how they got that thing moved – she did say it was like moving heaven and earth.  but, she kept telling him that jill was coming and she had to have her space.  now wouldn’t that have been terrible if i had then called to say i wasn’t coming after all!!

so, i stopped in ashland to check out the shop where i will be teaching in sept.  (the 22nd)  ended up spending more time there than expected, but also sold them a few patterns, so that was good.  then it was just haul it home – one more gas stop (that brought the total for the trip to $400!!) and a potty, walk, general break for both sophie and me just this side of red bluff.  it was petal to the metal from then on.  called erv as i was leaving sac – to beg him to open the gate for me.  turned out he hadn’t closed it yet, and wasn’t going to because someone was coming to buy some lumber.  yea! (for me)  so didn’t have to hassle with that heavy gate.

only took personals and food – left all the tubs for another day.  wouldn’t move them at all, but i know i need to add inventory.  some of the patterns are getting very low.  and i have that big tub with folded and unfolded kits to bring back.

was pretty upset when i got home.  first, found one of my small antique chairs on the carport – which means the teens would probably destroy it.  tom and candace have finally moved all the basement furniture/tv, etc upstairs and that was just one more piece of my stuff that has been shoved out lately.  part of me is very happy that a real home is being put together up there.  and part of me is struggling with being ‘moved out’ and all the things that have been in there being shoved aside, so to speak.  just my ego suffering a bit.  it will pass.  and – some things need to be treated with more ‘respect’

then, i came down here to discover that  bobbie had not come to give pepe more food – or water the plants.  cat’s food dish very empty – down to the last small crumb!  and a few plants looking like they were on their very last leg!  i hope they come back.  i’m certain that poor fuchsia is really gone this time.  it was struggling to come back after it got frosted – done now.  i was really stressed about the cat!  and he didn’t show up for a long time!  showed me!!!  now sophie is acting jealous cause i have been talking to mr pepe too much.  geeezzzz.  i’m just so glad to see him!

and now i have to leave again.  guess i’d best set the alarm – given how well i woke up today!  i need to haul it out of here about 8:00 – once again must go contribute some $$$ to the oil barons!  van nearly empty.

oops, forgot to turn off the calculator and pepe just laid his head on it – surprised both of us.  yes, had a bit of checkbook work to do.  didn’t do the balancing – just entered everything.  will save the balancing act till i return.  just pretend all is well for now. ^_^

ok, i am tired!  been munching cheese and crackers.  i think i’m too tired to eat for real.  bout done with freezer food anyway!

  and, hey – it’s amazing how big this place is after a week in the rv. ^_^  should do that more often.  don’t get me wrong – the rv is plenty big for me.  still – it’s not a building/home/structure.

ok, here is a picture i took on my very first time out with the rv – this is “my” spot at the hugo park, where i left from today.


and here is one pic from the lovely place in waldport!  looks like we are at the river end of the path – that’s sophie.  the second one is taken just kind of looking the other way – at the river.


ok, once again not sure howcome i didn’t get a thumbnail option.  or why the second picture got put at the top.  or howcome you probably won’t be able to see all of either of them. 

love and beauty

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