well, here i am at my favorite little rv park in waldport, oregon.  kind of busy here tonight.  this time i will be here for a whole week, so after sunday, most of these folks (kids) will be gone.  i have a favorite spot and was lucky enough to get it again!  it is the one at the river end of the overnight spots.  so i have this lovely view of the river and marsh, plus the tree lined ‘road’ (only dirt/grass) to it.  there are a couple of tents in that nice area right by the river, so don’t get to use if for the leash-free dog walking right now.  there are some mowed areas in the marsh area that we do get to use.  i did bring the camera and will take a picture or two – already have some from last year also.

the show?  not such a busy day today.  not sure what to expect tomorrow.  i know it’s small and i have been here a few times – so who knows.  a lot of people showed up for the demo today.  i must say i was very surprised!  and we have a class scheduled for tues and wed nights.  last minute thing as the shop just got possession of their new area where the classroom is going to be.  for now, it will be just some tables set up – hey, don’t need much for hand applique!  there are 4 people enrolled already.  perhaps i can pay for the gas it took to get up here.  yikes! 

obviously i am using the laptop and i don’t have any pictures stored on here yet.  nor do i have a card reader to even get off the camera what i take while i’m here.  i promise to put something of interest on as soon as i get home.  i finally did get a comment from someone who said these were “interesting reading” ^_^

lots of dogs and kids out there.  ok, not LOTS – it is a very small park.  there is an area just in front and to the left of me.  not sure how many kids.  a semi circle of very tiny tents and i can see at least 3 urchins running about.  also a couple (adult-type) building a campfire in the concrete block ‘pit’.  wow, a bunch of canada geese ‘barking’ their way by.  big male dogs eyeing each other.  both securely fastened to their owners. a few kids on bikes. lots of summer activity – i think i can even remember this kind of fun. ^_^  watching those young couples setting up their tents out there. ahhhhh     never in my wildest dreams did i expect to be sitting in an rv/motorhome!!!!  life is full of surprises!

one unpleasant surprise is this bottle of wine.  seldom do i give up and pour one down the drain.  i think this is one of those times.  yes, my usual grocery outlet-type bargain.  bought 4 bottles before i left home – all different.  this is a brand i have had from there before – little different ‘flavor’.  definitely past its prime.  dark red vinegar.  dang.  at least there is a little grocery store on the way here.  and, of course, a fred meyer a couple blocks beyond the show.  love that store.

wish me luck tomorrow

love and beauty