sure wish i could write what a great day it was – unfortunately, i did even just a tad less than yesterday,  and despite what i am doing, i can say that was “nothing to write home about”.  still, the demo went well again.  it always turns into a mini class.  could be one more person will enroll in the real class at the shop.  would love to pay for my gas with that class.  or at least this lodging.  as always, i don’t count any show a loss.  you never know what else may come of it later down the road.  with what i do – it’s pretty much all about ‘exposure’ – no, not THAT kind. ^_^  those days are gone for sure!!!

noticing a little hiccup with the rv – if anyone has any advice (besides it’s time for a checkup/tuneup).  the fridge does the transition from electric to propane just fine.  but last night and now it did not make it from propane to electric.  i didn’t notice last night until i had turned out all the lights and climbed up into that upper bunk.  at  first i thought it was just my poor old eyes seeing double.  but, then decided i really WAS seeing two yellow lights – which meant the “check” light was on.  once i turned the fridge off and back on, all was fine.  till just now when i plugged in again.  seems ok again now.  anyone out there know anything?

i realized i could put the rv webpage on here so you could go check it out if you want.  perhaps some good pictures on it – i reccomend it if you are in the area – unless you are into the conrete pads kind of setup and more ‘stuff’.  go to

i declined the invitation for dinner tonight.  not sure why, but i just didn’t feel like it.  that means i will eat something from the freezer.  did stop at the little grocery store for butter and some chips to go with the salsa i had.  i had some here, but not sure how old they are.  that’s one thing i never do seem to finish – bags of tortilla chips.  then i find them months later – not quite as crisp and fresh.  no, don’t get soggy in our dry climate – still you can tell they are old.

still relatively quiet here.  the whole family with the kids is off somewhere – tents are still here.  lots of wind – made the pitching of their tent a bit of a challenge for the couple who just arrived.  looks like owners gathering wood – perhaps they are going to use their outdoor fireplace thing?  their backyard is private from the front – not from the dogwalk or tent area by the river.  not that close, just in plain view.  thus, i noticed they had one of those outdoor fire deals.  also watching young lad with sharp object (small hatchet) creating kindling.  scary.  and another itchin to give it a try.  think i won’t watch. ^_^  ah, owner advising now.  they are so nice.

love and beauty