i just had to do this again.  seems so much i didn’t say in that first one.

funny thing happened this morning – as i was brushing my teeth and being my usual last minute possible or soon to be late.  sophie begins barking in ernest, so i come out – toothbrush still whirring away – and there is the guy from the next rv standing at my door.  seems he came to ask me for help.  ok, not me – my husband!  sorry, wrong number, no such name at this address!!  i was actually able to answer his questions – once i returned to bathroom and spit out the toothpaste!  does that make me a veteren?

well, speaking of veterens – i am certainly feeling old enough.  as i sit here and watch all those people – from very young to just a lot younger than i – trying hard to remember myself out there.  and i was once upon a time.  very hard to think about that i am sitting here in this rv, typing on a computer – how times do change.  not sure where the family was all day, but soon as they got here, mom had to get busy fixing some kind of dinner.  smoke pouring from their little grill.  rest of the kids in the marsh, some falling in – looking for someone’s frizbee.    now THAT’S cute!  way teeny person headed toward bathroom with dad – jacket just about long enough to cover tiny bare bottom.  lots of blond curls on top.  ^_^  childless couple looking like not certain what to do.  just returned from a walk to the river.  not dark yet.  soooo many people running around just outside their tent -???? ^_^  they don’t even have chair, let alone a picnic table/bench.

hmmm owner back out there.  i think he’s trying to preserve the marsh area/habitat.  no sign of the lost frizbee.  ah, couple going to just join the fray and sit on a bench near the fire pit – yes, the kids did get a fire going with some help from mom.  ahah!  they have marshmallows. ^_^  good for them.

ok, guess that’s enough of watching other people for you.  sometimes i forget how old i am – how long ago it was that i was ‘young’ and had pretty much forgotten about all of what i am now watching others do.  so caught up in what and where i am now.  good to remember sometimes.

love and beauty