as in, day 3 was a!!  my worst day ever at a show, i think.  perhaps i can say the total for the 3 days was ok – for a two day show!  i am soooo glad i have another show up here to help make the trip worth it.   and i think there are at least 5 people in the class.  and one of them lives this side of town and is willing to pick me up on the way.  i was not looking forward to unhooking and then arriving back here after dark.  it’s hard enough to see backing up in daylight.

and – i also had some additional stress today.  if you read an earlier blog, you know the fridge has been acting up.  when i went out to make my lunch and after i had taken everything out of the fridge that i needed – when i looked again the check light had come on.  i thought maybe the wind had blown it out or something – it was very gusty.  i was unable to get it to relight.  upon talking to fellow rv’ers and checking it out i determined it was the cabin battery that was failing.  sooo, after closing and teardown and packing up – off i went to fred meyer to purchase same.  now i am thinking it could be something even simpler – yes, still that battery, but perhaps it just needs some water!  i’m not sure what i will do if in the morning i discover it is dry.  i know it isn’t the best – but it does usually recharge and hold while i am travelling – just not very long once it’s parked at home.  i was told this kind of battery does not mind being drained and recharged.  so – it’s either a bad cell or no water, ’cause whatever charge it got over night, plus the 20 mile drive – it was essentially dead by 1:00.  for the $60, i may just keep the new one and forget it.  i will ask the park owner to help me tomorrow.  one thing i can say – that’s one heavy battery!

well, all but one of the overnight rv’s are gone (besides me).   and all of the tents – except for the big family.  i was beginning to worry about them cause it was getting dark and they hadn’t returned from their day’s adventure.  now it is totally dark and i think they are trying to pack it all up to leave!  6 tents and associated gear!  seems crazy to me and maybe i’m wrong, but what i could see them doing before it got dark sure did look like that.  gathering and folding up chairs, etc.  too dark to see if tents are coming down, what with my light on here.  be pretty obvious i was staring, too!  maybe they are just getting everything together so they can head out early morning.

i am tired.  i did have a little help today.  the vendor chair’s husband carried/wheeled most everything out for me.  and even loaded all the stuff into the basement.  took him a couple of tries to get it all in. ^_^  and still not quite how i do it – but, it’s in there!  now that i think about it, i will have to pull all the tubs out and reorganize – or maybe??  i forgot to check the clock to see if we finished in record time.  i’m sure we did, tho.  and he also lifted that heavy cart into here.  it carries a heavy load -and that is great.  it is also a heavy load to lift into which ever vehicle i’m driving!!!

took sophie for a walk at the fairgrounds – checked out the last of the rodeo horses.  then she wanted out again once we got here.  this time she could run free in the big grassy area by the river.  she’s out cold now. ^_^  and i am close behind!  i am sooooooo happy to just stay put all day tomorrow.  how divine!

love and beauty,