what to do with myself! ^_-   no place to be.  nothing pressing.  was going to type nothing to do, but that’s not completely accurate.  i do have a whole tub full of fabric pieces to fold.  some are done, due to lack of customers yesterday!  yes, it really was that slow!

that lovely family has left.  just a bit ago.  found out from the park owner, there were 7 children!  ages 16 down to 2.  despite some rough language from mom, and a little bickering all the way around as they were attempting to get it all packed up and everyone fed, etc – they were good.  the place was left spotless!  all they had was a regular (oldish) van with a small carrier on top.  into that went 6 tents, 2 large coolers, one small table top grill, 9 people and who knows what all!!  it was a special b.d. trip for the kid who just turned 6.  amazing.

just booked a hotel for the long stay in houston for market and festival.  found the same one i stayed in two years ago.  it’s an easy straight shot drive, thru the medical district and right past a wells fargo, which makes deposits easy to do on the way home each night.  not good to walk around with lots of cash!  plus, has a kitchen setup, including untensils.  not interested in eating out for 10 days!

will get that new battery installed once neil gets home from work today.  i am just going to do it and not worry about whether the old one could be saved with some water.  don’t want to have to worry about it.

really quiet here now – only the crows and an occassional stellar jay.  one right here early this morning.  sure was loud.     hmmm, i can’t figure out how to use the spell check here.  i have it highlighted, just don’t know how it checks or tells me.  tried changing a spelling and nothing happened.  so, pardon my misspells.

well, for lack of anything better to do, i think i will take sophie on another leash-free walk out by the river.  it is very cloudy, was misting earlier.  the sea breeze did come in yesterday – temps dropped.  when i talked with bobbie, found out it’s cool at home too.  70’s in sac yesterday!

not so good at this relaxing stuff. 

love and beauty