day off!  do i feel like a fish out of water?  just a little!  ^_^  and i did something yesterday i haven’t done in so long i can’t remember when.  i read a book.  i mean a real book – fiction!!  and i read the whole thing!  at the show, the lady across from me was selling her book and i wanted to buy one to give to bobbie for Christmas.  then, on sunday, i told her again not to let me forget to buy the book before we closed.  she (patsy) promised she wouldn’t! ^_^  when i went over to do the purchase, she had already inscribed the book to me!  just as well – had i given it to bobbie i probably wouldn’t have ever read it.  and that would have been my loss.  it’s a lovely story and obviously good enough that i didn’t want to put it down.  well, i did long enough to help neil install my new cabin battery.  so, the name of the book is Threads and author is Patsy Brookshire.  light reading, just for fun.

yes, the new battery is installed and the one thing i notice is the fridge is not cycling on and off like it was.  i kept thinking it hadn’t done that before – i mean, it seemed every 10 or 15 minutes!  and, yes, there were 2 dry cells – one in each bank.  and it was very hot and sat and sizzled for a good while after being removed.  date it was shipped from mfg was 2004.  time to replace!!  all that cycling can’t be good for the fridge, and i surely don’t want to replace that! so, life is good! ^_^

don’t have the whole day off.  am teaching a class tonight – student picking me up around 4:00.  didn’t want to unhook and drive back here after dark.  not so much the drive, but the backing in, in the dark.  hate to wipe out the picnic table! ^_^

once again, lovely light fog and mist this morning.  no sun yet.  it’s ok.  get plenty of that at home.  skin soaking up the moisture.  best anti-aging i know.

now wishing i had remembered to gather a sewing project.  would have been a good time to finish that second class sample!  i have everything i need except it – even the templates.  perhaps i will just begin another one.  i could swipe what i need from the pieces i have for the kits i brought to fold.  or, i may beg and borrow tonight.  perhaps i’ll just see if i can finish all, or a lot of, the folding today.  it will make a big difference in getting ready for piqf and houston.  speaking of which – i made the reservations in houston.  bobbie’s granddaughter had gotten us a deal at the hilton, where the show actually happens.  ‘cept not that great a deal and for a room with no micro or fridge.  that would mean eating out all 10 days!  sooo, i went back to the place where geri and i stayed in 2005.  it’s about 30 min away, but just straight down the street it’s on and then over a block.  also, goes right past a wells fargo bank – now that’s easy.  and has a full ‘kitchen’.  done deal!!

did i write all that yesterday?? ^_^  oh well,i don’t think ya’ll come in here everyday to see what i have written ’cause you are so facsinated with my life you can’t resist.  ho ho ho 

find myself kinda wishing i really did have nothing to do all these days – as in, not have to get gussy’d up and put on my professional face and act like i know what i’m doing again.  oh well, the price of fame. ^_^ hohoho for sure!!

love and beauty