relaxing, and getting rather used to it. ^_^ woke up late again today – even later, in fact, than yesterday. falling back into old habits? won’t do once i get back home — too dang much work to be done.
well, there were 8 people in the class last night. not bad for a few days scrambling. all seemed happy and will be back tonight.
hmmm, new neighbors just arrived. kinda wishing the first two new ones had taken the spot next to me and the next. this trailer looks a tad scruffy. ahhh, and woman already had their small dog out – looks like what sophie is half of – shitzu?? the other two new ones are pretty cute. both old(at least as old as i) ^_^ and each in their own truck camper. man and woman. no idea the relationship. fun to make up my own story. ^_^ it was so cute to watch him help her back it in – she drove and he directed, turning his hands the direction she needed to turn the wheel. i was wondering howcome the other truck just sort of stayed in the way – then, once she was in, he drove his truck in.
funny, the little dog did her thing and i heard the woman say something, so i went to the door and offered a plastic bag. i figured otherwise i was going to be the one to step in it since they were right next to my rig. at that point the guy said “hope you don’t mind having this old thing next to you”. caught again. ^_^ he said it still functions ok, but plans to buy another soon. i must say he kind of matches it, tho. long hair in back and bald on top. ^_^ big mustach, one of those u-shaped kind, down to his chin. i know – ask me if you care. ^_^ just fun to observe fellow campers – even tho i’m not officially ‘camping’. ok, maybe sort of. still, i am working these twp nights! i mean, god forbid i should actually really vacate. ^_^ given it my best shot!!
ok, enough loafing for today. i think i will fold some of those kits today. looks like a few moments of sun – been truly overcast so far – not just the fog kind. more clouds on the way. locals wearing shorts – not me. still in my flannel jammy type pants. lots cooler than i’m used to. nice.

love and beauty