too bad, i think i’m getting used to this loafing stuff. ^_^  and it’s a lovely sunny day – no fog, or mist, or clouds.  slight breeze, not windy like yesterday.  just heard that stupid windchime for the first time this morning.  i use the word ‘chime’ quite loosely.  i haven’t seen it, but i’m certain it is one of those cutesy ones stamped out of metal – no melodic qualities, just clanging metal.  yes, indeed – my opinion. ^_^  it was nonstop noise yesterday with that steady wind.

all 8 people returned last night and all seemed well pleased when they left.  even the two ladies who were returning students from the first class (way back in october) were happy.  i was concerned the night before cause they left early due to poor lighting, etc.  they had also each started a project (one of my patterns) before they came to the class.  yes, the follow up class is for that – as well as to just get you started on the next ‘real’ project.  however, these two didn’t seem to remember much of anything from that first class and what they had done was less than wonderful – to say the least.  i am happy to report that both had improved dramatically by the end of the evening last night.  and both were very happy and satisfied – and promised to keep practicing while they still remembered what they had learned. ^_^ 

i didn’t do much all day – did finish adding needle and thread to the remaining pin cushion kits.  not doing a demo at the show, but still i have them for sale in the booth.  they are $3 and besides the heart to applique, you get both front and back, plus 3 pins, a needle and thread.  all of the kind i use and think are the best.  hearts are a great thing to learn and practice on for applique.

today i will do some laundry and kit folding.  and just enjoying of this lovely day.  am hoping the wind stays calm so i can fold at the picnic table outdoors.  will be penned up the next 3 days, and then mostly driving for the 4th day.  and, once home, back into the van for the trip over to san rafael area to see michael the shrink. ^_^  not that i really need it.  i just like visiting with him cause he’s so nice. ^_^ and i often get to visit with my brother as well – when he can drag himself out of bed in time.  and then i will spend the night in petaluma with my friend ruth.  always lovely to visit with her.  missed her last month – too busy to stay over and it was july 3rd and i didn’t want to travel back home on the 4th.  am thinking i missed the month before as well just because i was too busy.  and this visit got postponed for two weeks.

ok, time to just enjoy this day.  do my best not to color it with negative thoughts about it being the last one.  be here now, as ram dass would say!

love and beauty