it is now about 7:30pm and my last day is coming to an end.  ok, not my last day on earth, or anything – just my last day here, at this rv park and of relative inactivity and work.  yes, did some laundry – which sounds like work for a normal day.  but this isn’t a normal day – or a normal place for me to be.  so the laundry was just another form of non-working.  now, getting that sheet back around that mattress in that bed above the cab – well, maybe that’s really work. ^_^  good grief that is hard.  and not something to be done after lunch! 

it has been a lovely day – weather has been absolutely perfect.  cool for this california gal, and that is just fine.  that breeze got quite forcefull till just a little bit ago.  perhaps the tide is headed back out?  not a nautical person, so don’t really know.  just know the tides work about the same as day and night – it’s always becoming one or the other. ^_^

saw my first ‘in the wild’ bald eagle today.  ok, probably wouldn’t have known what it was if it weren’t for the rv park owner and a fellow rv’er.  i mean, it was soaring way up there – looked like a hawk to me.  ok, a little bigger than what i’m used to seeing.  and i had heard some screeching earlier that didn’t quite sound like a hawk.

the canada geese also spent some time in the nice grassy area by the river.  lots of poop there when i just took sophie for her walk.  she marked every last one.  silly dog.

i have done pretty well – enjoying the day, etc.  (did a LOT of folding.)  till just a bit ago when it got past 5.  one more day, please please, just one more. 😦  no such luck.  it’s on to florence for me – first thing tomorrow.  i’ve decided to go down a little early and get checked in at the next rv park.  that way i’ll know where i’m going after setup.  also plan to visit fred meyer.  perhaps i can turn in this old dead battery for recycle and get a bottle or two of wine.  and maybe something tasty for dinner??  the ‘lean cuisine, spa cuisine’ meals are good.  i tend to stick with the microwave stuff in here.  easier than lighting the stove and washing the dishes.  actually, it’s the dishes part i don’t like!  also, i haven’t gotten anything good here in terms of seafood.  not sure why.  perhaps i’ll do that in florence.

when i made my rv reservations and said i was a vendor for the quilt show, he said there was already one vendor there.  hmmm.  am curious who that is.  mostly just happy to have a place close to the show!!

clean sheets on the bed.  what a deal, getting that fitted sheet on.  it’s very difficult to lift up a mattress you are kneeling on. ^_^  i’m not sure i will do that again real soon.  i mean, how dirty can the sheets get??  not like i’ve been diggin in the dirt all day. ^_^  yes, as i am proof reading this, noticed i am talking about that sheet again – lest you think it wasn’t a tough job! ^_^

perhaps i will get brave and plug in a movie tonight.  can use this or the tv.  at least the tv has a remote – somewhat easier to navigate those cd’s.  however, means i have to lift it off the seat and onto this table – and get this out of the way.   so many choices!  how could i ever think i was poor??????  perspective – it’s all about perspective!!

and so good night.  may not write tomorrow – or the next day.  depends on availability of wifi.   tomorrow needs to be about setup and new rv digs.  i wish i could capture the view out this window just now.  perhaps i will try.  sun going down.  wind has died.  lovely.  well, the camera has decided not to work.  if i reformat the card, i lose the fog picture.  since i already have other pictures of this place, i will leave it.  perhaps i will choose to reformat if there is something worth it in florence. grrrrrr  could it have anything to do with the fact that i dropped the camera on the floor when i took it out of the suitcase. ??  damn  guess you’ll just have to come here yourself. ^_^

love and beauty