hard to believe i have been here for 8 days.  i am happy to say i did my work well yesterday – both folding fabric and relaxing my mind.  i managed to enjoy the day with little concerns abut it being “the end” and boo hoo’g about it.  and so, today i am feeling ready to move on.  in fact, rather – well, ok – slightly, excited about it.

i think setup doesn’t begin until 2:00, so i plan to visit fred meyer and see if i can recycle the dead battery as well as pick up a few items (wine, of course). ^_^  then, on to the rv park to get checked in and check out the site.  will make it much easier to just come in and “flop down” so to speak, after the setup deal.  i’m always just dog tired and ready to do about nothing!  grab a bite and a glass of wine – done!

a few new people have arrived.  one tent in the area up here.  couple.  not speaking english while they were setting up the tent.  not a language expert, so no idea what.  also didn’t really listen – try hard not to eavesdrop. ^_^  sometimes just so ‘fun’ – part of the observing.

oh, also planning to have brunch at dano’s on the way out of town.  that should hold me till after setup!  huge portions and yummy.  stick to your ribs kinda food – not to mention my waistline! 😦  too late to worry much about that!  and no one sees it anyway – for which i am grateful. ^_^

it’s another lovely sunny day.  will make packing up and redocking down the road easier.  Life Is Good!  oh, the show is at the middle school at 23rd and oak.  come see me. ^_^

love and beauty