so, here i am in a ‘normal’ modern rv park.  my view out front and left side – other rv’s.  my view to the right – the building that houses the ‘rec’ room, restrooms, etc.  my view out the back, hmmm, more of that same building and hwy 101 is just beyond it.  yuk!  still, for the show, it’s less than a mile to travel.  it’s actually nicer in the school parking lot – and i noticed a couple of rigs stayed there.  still, i was concerned about the holding tanks – probably didn’t need to be.  and, what the heck, couldn’t be doing this. ^_^  there is someone else from the show staying here – and i don’t even know who it is.  thought i would recognize them during setup – or they would say something to me.  didn’t.  would be tempting to just leave the rig here if i could bum a ride.  i think sophie could make it through the day ok.  she kind of goes into hibernation when i leave.

speaking of her – she took a very long walk at the school.  just trotted off and kept going like she was on a mission!  i wanted to give her a good walk ’cause as it turns out – can’t walk her here in this park!  how weird is that?!  have to go outside the park to walk your dog.  i am using the term ‘park’ very loosely!  unless you think of the english ‘car park’. ^_^  nothing but blacktop and vehicles and buildings.  i guess if you have a trailer-type rig and you can take your car and go to the beach or something….?????

oh, i checked out that lovely ‘on the beach’ place where i had stayed last october and couldn’t get into now – their return email said the ‘major’ rennovations were not complete.  sure enough – instead of gravel and sand and grass – pristine new concrete slabs.  everywhere.  hardly a sign of grass that i could see from 101.  guess they’ll make a lot more money renting to the big riggers. too bad.  it really has become all about money – hasn’t it?? 😦

still, i am grateful for this spot for this weekend.  saw a lot of no vacancy signs on the way down – and there is one at this gate as well.  whew!  for ‘business’ – who cares.  not like i’m going to be vacating – just recouping at the end of the day.  i just don’t understand why anyone else is here! ^_^

ok, feeling very hungry.  oh, did stop at dan o’s and as a result have plenty for dinner!  ordered eggs and clam fritters – which come with hash browns and toast as well!  i sampled the fritters – then ate the regular breakfast and packed up the fritters to have now!  two huge pancake looking things – quite yummy.

oh, again – did take the battery to fred.  good thing!!  (oh yuk!!!!!  the dryer vent must be just outside my door – those stupid smelly sheets people use – gasp!!)  i hadn’t noticed but i paid a $14 “core deposit”!! when i purchased the new battery!!  which i got back when i took the dead one in down here.  now that was a nice surprise!  paid for the two bottles of wine! ^_^

ok, now i’m going to eat something before i have another glass of wine. ^_^

love and beauty