well, the attendance today was very good – for them.  just not so many applique people for me – or ones who had seen me elsewhere and already had patterns.  now that’s a common occurence!  i think it must be time to move to new areas.  just not sure where.  one person was talking to me about the yuma show – and it happens the week before tucson – soooo, could end up getting lucky there!  as for now – just have to remember that i am totally in the black and all of this is just ‘icing on the cake’ – so to speak.  not that my cup is exactly running over.  all of this i’ve made is pretty much spoken for. ^_^ 

not much else to report.  just before i left, a woman showed up – guild member – who used to live in our area.  she was visiting the week i did my dog & poney show for our guild and ended up taking the class.  as we talked about where i am staying now, she told me how she has full hookups at her place.  NOW she tells me. ^_^  turns out, she didn’t realize i was even coming.  not part of the vendor committee, i guess.

the rig across from me – the guy was out cleaning his car when i was leaving this morning and he wished me a safe journey/good time where ever i was going.  i told him, not far and that i’d be back tonight.  ok, did tell him where and why.  and then he and wife showed up at the show.

so far, nothing else to report for this one.  i think i will watch a movie tonight.  there is cable here, but i don’t have a ‘cord’.  have to remember to do that one of these days.  haven’t set up the tv to see what i would get.  may set it up for a movie – or just watch on this laptop??  like the remote with the tv.  have two spiritual cinema movies and one other one i  could watch.  it’s certainly plenty early now and nothing better to do!!  play games on this thing.  getting bored with that!)

ok, guess it’s time for another frozen delicasy (that can’t be spelled right).  you know, i can’t get spellcheck to work in my mail program either.  it keeps telling me that the language is no longer available in spellcheck!! (ENGLISH!!!) i sent a note to microsoft and they, essentially, passed me on to hp.  so, guess i’ll try that next.

love and beauty