just plain tired.  day seemed better – at the show.  but hours were short, so total was even a little less than yesterday.  all i can say is that i paid for the tucson show with what i made at this one.  amen!

after teardown, packup, dog walk and gasup – it was just after 6:30 when i left there.  as expected, it was about 9:30 when i got here – very tired and hungry!!!  so, had my usual ‘comfort’ food (pizza) and a little wine – and here i am.  dog tired.  sophie upset with something outside the door – hopefully only a critter and not some person!  i can hear something – it’s probably a deer.  we are in our favorite spot here, so door side of rv facing small clearing and then slight woods – before tents and other rv’s nearer the river.  pretty private, as rv spots go.  oh dear – on another planet compared to that last one!  that is what kept me driving!  probably should have stopped at roseburg.  the area at the fairgrounds is nice enough – i mean, it’s a real rv parking area.  in fact, all new wiring and plumbing since i’ve been there!  i was tempted.  but pushed onward and arrived here safe and sound – just tired!

one good thing about the slow sunday – got another bunch of kits folded.  it surely does take a long time to do that many.  got most of a second one done as well – everything except the overlay – only did 6 completely.

ok, i think i’m done.  not looking forward to that long drive tomorrow.  ugh  someone, please, remind me again why i do this ?????

love and beauty

oh, ok, got it