waldport-4.jpgwhat a long day – on the road.  left the rv park about 11:30 – later than expected.  didn’t quite wake up so early – guess i was pretty tired after the slow show, teardown, packup and drive!  ugh

oh, i went into the office to pay as i was leaving the park, since they were already closed by the time i arrived the night before.  i had warned them i would be arriving late, so i knew it was no problem.  well, you may recall i mentioned how tempted i was to stop in roseburg rather than drive those extra miles – about 60, i believe.  turns out the guy with the super long rig had been in “my” space for several days.  then, yesterday, the owners made him move because i was coming and i ‘had to have that space’.  i have no idea how they got that thing moved – she did say it was like moving heaven and earth.  but, she kept telling him that jill was coming and she had to have her space.  now wouldn’t that have been terrible if i had then called to say i wasn’t coming after all!!

so, i stopped in ashland to check out the shop where i will be teaching in sept.  (the 22nd)  ended up spending more time there than expected, but also sold them a few patterns, so that was good.  then it was just haul it home – one more gas stop (that brought the total for the trip to $400!!) and a potty, walk, general break for both sophie and me just this side of red bluff.  it was petal to the metal from then on.  called erv as i was leaving sac – to beg him to open the gate for me.  turned out he hadn’t closed it yet, and wasn’t going to because someone was coming to buy some lumber.  yea! (for me)  so didn’t have to hassle with that heavy gate.

only took personals and food – left all the tubs for another day.  wouldn’t move them at all, but i know i need to add inventory.  some of the patterns are getting very low.  and i have that big tub with folded and unfolded kits to bring back.

was pretty upset when i got home.  first, found one of my small antique chairs on the carport – which means the teens would probably destroy it.  tom and candace have finally moved all the basement furniture/tv, etc upstairs and that was just one more piece of my stuff that has been shoved out lately.  part of me is very happy that a real home is being put together up there.  and part of me is struggling with being ‘moved out’ and all the things that have been in there being shoved aside, so to speak.  just my ego suffering a bit.  it will pass.  and – some things need to be treated with more ‘respect’

then, i came down here to discover that  bobbie had not come to give pepe more food – or water the plants.  cat’s food dish very empty – down to the last small crumb!  and a few plants looking like they were on their very last leg!  i hope they come back.  i’m certain that poor fuchsia is really gone this time.  it was struggling to come back after it got frosted – done now.  i was really stressed about the cat!  and he didn’t show up for a long time!  showed me!!!  now sophie is acting jealous cause i have been talking to mr pepe too much.  geeezzzz.  i’m just so glad to see him!

and now i have to leave again.  guess i’d best set the alarm – given how well i woke up today!  i need to haul it out of here about 8:00 – once again must go contribute some $$$ to the oil barons!  van nearly empty.

oops, forgot to turn off the calculator and pepe just laid his head on it – surprised both of us.  yes, had a bit of checkbook work to do.  didn’t do the balancing – just entered everything.  will save the balancing act till i return.  just pretend all is well for now. ^_^

ok, i am tired!  been munching cheese and crackers.  i think i’m too tired to eat for real.  bout done with freezer food anyway!

  and, hey – it’s amazing how big this place is after a week in the rv. ^_^  should do that more often.  don’t get me wrong – the rv is plenty big for me.  still – it’s not a building/home/structure.

ok, here is a picture i took on my very first time out with the rv – this is “my” spot at the hugo park, where i left from today.


and here is one pic from the lovely place in waldport!  looks like we are at the river end of the path – that’s sophie.  the second one is taken just kind of looking the other way – at the river.


ok, once again not sure howcome i didn’t get a thumbnail option.  or why the second picture got put at the top.  or howcome you probably won’t be able to see all of either of them. 

love and beauty