they are all gone – boo hoo!  feels very alone here.  been a stressful week, i can say that!  that show in florence was definitely nothing to write home about!  and then the long drive home didn’t help.  i did drive to hugo and stay that night.  then, i stopped at the quilt shop in ashland, Quiltz – where i will be teaching a class on sept 22.   spent way longer than expected there, so by the time i stopped at the rv storage, took out all the food and personals, manuevered vehicles and drove home – it was past 9:00pm and i was very tired.

the next morning i was up and back on the road by 8:00, to go for my appointment.  then some time with my brother that was less than great – we were ok, i mean it wasn’t that we were out of sorts with each other.  just one of those days with him when things don’t go exactly as planned.  we were going to have lunch at a special restaurant, one that has just reopend after a fire and an extensive and meticulous rebuild.  one of those deals where if he were to rebuild, it had to be done exactly like it was before!!  nothing added or moved, etc.  so, my dear brother has been photographing this process for however long it’s been – like years.  so this was to be a big kind of deal.  only problem, as usual, himself forgot about something called ‘time’ and we arrived just at (lunch) closing time.  scrap that idea!

then we went on up to bodega to visit the artist co-op and his ex-long term significant other – a person i still consider a friend.  deal was his advice had been asked with regard to color choices for painting the outside of the small building that houses the co-op.  unfortunately, when we arrived there were already (non-english speaking) men painting!  it’s a long and silly story – let’s just say we were there for a couple of hours – and i never did get lunch.  and i was very hungry.

then we had to go to carol’s house to pick up some newspaper article.  i enjoyed the garden and the chickens – however, i was still starving.  eventually we got back to his house and i beat it up 101 to ruth’s house as fast as i could go.  ok, with one stop at trader joe’s for goodies and wine.  i mean, ya just can’t drive right past the place!!

ruth and i had a lovely evening – she had gathered a few things for dinner – and i took a few.  since it was nearly 9:00 by the time i got there, (i think) the evening went very quickly!

in the morning, early, we loaded up the van with baskets of clothing and who knows what all.  turns out ruth and her friend kate had finally found a house to rent!  they have been looking for some time – needed not only 3 bedrooms, but at least a 2 car garage that could be converted into a studio for ruth – to do her antique book binding and repair  business!!  i have been dreading this a little, as i love going to petaluma and especially loved her studio.  however, it does not have exactly perfect facilities – as in, no hot water, no shower, etc.  as it turned out, i do really like the new place.  however, it will take me at least an additional half hour to get there from novato.  sometimes i am pretty tired by the time i leave my brother’s house!  just have to watch that, i guess.  it’s easy to do 10 min on 101 half asleep.  not so good to do 40-45!  didn’t take the camera, so no pictures to show.  lovely location.  5 acres, fairly private, hugh old (400 years old!) valley oaks.  for those of you who live elsewhere – these trees don’t just grow up big and tall.  they have these amazing huge fat branches/trunks that do all sorts of twists and turns – and  the base of the trunks are not only very big, they often look more like a bunch of big trees grafted together.  amazing things!!  and they stay ‘green’ all year.  there is also an orchard, and a small barn.  the garage is a newer and separate building from the house – and the owner is putting in drywall and installed french doors on the side!!  it will be perfect for ruth.  sooo, i’m pretty ok with it now. ^_^  and sophie loved it!  lots of space to run free – with grass!  oh, which they do not have to care for – lawncare guys come in and handle it!  how devine! ^_^  it is located on the north west side of santa rosa, by the way.  looks like plenty of horses in the neighborhood – always good energy, i think!

since i got home wed afternoon, it’s mostly been about preparing for them to go.  attempting to deal with the teens, etc.  been pretty awful here.  in fact, when they return, the girls are being taken directly to their mom’s house in south san francisco.  so, i had to say some serious goodbye’s this morning.  spent some time crying a little.  by now, they are there, i guess.  just looked at the papers tom left – they should be landing just about now.  in indy.  that means a 100 mile drive to get to grandpa’s house north of cincinnati.  i sure hope marcus’s ears didn’t hurt him like tom’s did when i took him on a plane at about the same age!  makes takeoff and landing painful for everyone!!  actually, i guess they aren’t there yet.  tom said the flight had been changed by the airline, and they had a layover – so instead of the 4+ hours, it was going to be more like 6+. 😦  what a deal – 3 teens, a 4 year old, and a 2 1/2 year old.  oh goodie.  still – kinda wish i could have gone.  but – lots of critters here to care for! 

ain’t life grand!!

ok, time to get back to the opportunity quilt.  did have a little ‘meeting’ with sandy and mary to show them what i didn’t like about the background.  somehow they couldn’t see it.  they sure did once i took the extra long straight edge!  now i have to get these motifs done!!

love and beauty