maybe should really be day 1, after departure, that is.

well, got the camera out of the suitcase and downloaded the only picture i was able to take.  for some reason the camera decided to quit – or, i should say, the card seemed somehow curupted and i could not take anymore pictures without losing this one.  i chose to just wait and download this fog picture and then reformat the card and see if would then work.  i think i had had trouble with this one before.  i had to pull out the other one as i had filled it with pictures of the deer twins.  didn’t get those downloaded to a cd so i could reformat that card i knew was good.  soooo – here is the fog at the rv park in waldport.  it was like this everymorning until the last two – the second being the day i left.  on those two days, there was sun early and it was definitely warmer during those days.  you can also see in this picture, just a couple of the small tents of the large family i had talked about. ^_^ (oops, guess not.  system edited the picture a bit and they got cut off.)


once again i didn’t have the option for a thumbnail.  maybe someone can explain that to me??  some do, some don’t. dang

ok, i also captured a couple of the baby (twin) deer pictures.  if the first one doesn’t show up as a thumbnail, i don’t think i’ll include all three in this one post!


well, i  tried to make it smaller here and i think maybe i only distorted it??  not too bad – i just checked and it seems to be not badly distorted.  the next two show each baby getting a ‘bath’ – if you can see that.

deer2.jpg well, this one came thru as a thumbnail.  ???

deer3.jpga little clean up behind the ears! ^_^

and, speaking of critters = had another small furry one in here last night, thanks to mr. p!  grrr.  managed to usher it out the door while pepe was thinking it was still under my chair.  silly cat! ^_^

love and beauty