doing well, i think – with this ‘home alone’ stuff.  doing my best to stay positive in the face of lots of negative ‘facts’ – mostly to do with money.  oh, and with the teens.  not much good news there.  but, for now – suspending all of that.  just talked with tom and he has been doing as i (and the kids!) had hoped – sharing things about himself from way back then.  they are at his grandmother’s home.  she is no longer alive and the farm is still awaiting final whatever.  it is an historical site/building, so will be preserved – just not going to have any of the burns family living in it, ultimately.  so this is their last chance to be there, probably.  tom’s dad is living there to care for it until final decisions are made.  just too bad the way things are these days – that it can’t be passed down because no one person could afford to ‘own’ it.  and, probably, my tom is the only one who wants it.  in that regard, i am kinda thankful he can’t have it.  i do NOT want to go back to ohio – nor would i want to live that far away from him again.  complicated stuff, families!!

did some folding of fabric, and printed kit covers – so everything i folded in waldport is now complete.  i still have two sets to fold, plus two still to be cut. (that is only for the nearly nouveau series – haven’t even begun the ancient art!)  i am really not enjoying this.  much easier to do only 8 at a time.  this 16-24 stuff is a drag! ^_^  still, i will be very happy later – when i am preparing for piqf and houston and won’t have to worry about cutting kits!!

i also finished the applique on the (one of several!) motif for the opp. quilt and began sewing on some beads to embellish it.  also got out the paper template for the  background and did a rough new layout that includes the 20″ circle that was originally going to be a separate block.  i think i won’t need as many of the 6″ circles now.  i am also planning to add a wide border and do some bamboo in it – and it will probably spill over into the background.  so i need some open space, for sure.

after i let the 3 “kittens” out, they all came down here – to drink from the fountain.  the black one was here yesterday and i didn’t get a picture – was able to do that today.  as you can see, they are drinking from the ‘bubbler’ (as they say in boston) just like we would. ^_^  they are really missing all the people being around!

kitts1.jpgblack one is Macy, and tiger one is BC – go figure. ^_^  i think bc is going to turn out to be a maine coon type. 

kitts2.jpgand there’s the brat cat, Woody.  rare female ‘orange’ cat.  if you are wondering, the little kids named them. ^_^  cept tom named bc.  what can i say?

love and beauty