so far, doing ok.  getting lots of work done.  have all the nouveau kits cut, and only the iris left to package some (16).  still need to print the covers and count out beads for that one.  not sure i have enough beads left for 16. hmmm  i will definitely restock those while in houston!  may have to visit a local shop before that.

i have the third larger motif drawn for the opportunity quilt.  plan to start on it today.  poor sandy thought she had that background ‘done’, but between mary and me – well, my initiating the actions by pointing out the problem, and then having mary agree with me – the two of them have now completely disassembled it!  (still don’t see how the spell checker works – no indication with or without a double ‘s’ in the dis part of that word).  at each level of disassembly i got a call from sandy to let me know what they were doing.  the original plan was for them to return it to me this past wed.  ^_^  she wanted me to know how come it was going to be late(r).  i’m just feeling really ready to do some applique again.  oh, i did get all the beads on the one i just finished.  will take a picture and add it here.  ok, took two.  one overall and one to show beads up close.


oppiris1.jpgonce again, only got ‘full size’, so did my best to shrink it down without distorting it. 

ok, best be getting to work here.  getting hot and late.  hate to turn the cooler on again, cause then i have to close the door – hate the heat worse. ^_^

love and beauty