of time alone.  they are on their way home, even as we speak – somewhere in the sky above illinois, perhaps?  i expect them here before dark.  once on the ground, luggage retrieved and car gotten out of hock from the garage – there is the unhappy task of dropping the girls off at their mom’s in south s.f.   and then the long drive home with the two tired little ones, and wade.  i’ll bet suzanna is about crazy today waiting for marcus to come home!!  i know i would be! ^_^

i managed to gather all the bolts, etc in order to begin the cutting process.  chose not to begin until today.  did go to the rv to get my clothes and the tubs with patterns and notions in them.  at some point i need to make sure i have sufficient patterns for the next trip.  and then, later – there will be the need to prepare for houston – on top of the local, regular shows before! (including a big one)  ahhh, the life of the rich and famous. ^_^

had an interesting and surprising evening.  i had settled in and was sewing away on that new block/motif for the opp quilt when the phone rang.  it was erv, with a dinner invitation!  i didn’t really want to go out – was all set to make some real progress on that piece.  but, somehow i went anyway.  not to a restaurant – he was fixing something at his place.  now, understand – this is even less of a ‘normal’ place than what i have here!! he lives in a parked small ‘camper’/rv trailer within the confines of the rv and mini storage place.  well, there are actually two trailers – one kind of in front of the other.  the second one is sort of occupied by his grown and seldom there daughter.  anyway, inbetween the two he has set up an ‘outdoor’ kitchen area – complete with fridge and freezer and who knows what all.  he was cooking in a wok out there.  all of that is to the left of his landing/steps/porch and door.  to the right of the door(etc) are two chairs and one small footstool-like table, and a tree stump table.  in front of the chairs is an outdoor fireplace – about like the one in waldport – concrete block enclosure.  he spends a lot of time sitting outside in all seasons – weather permitting.  and, yes, there are tarps on frames and covering everything like a roof. 

it was a pleasant enough evening.  now he wants me to play golf on tues!!!!  i have not touched a club since some time before i moved out here 9 years ago.  have the opportunity to make a rather big fool of myself! ^_^  haven’t decided.  will admit that there is absolutely not one trace of authentic fun in my life these days.  if it isn’t work related – it doesn’t happen.  yes, i do know – not exactly “healthy”.  we shall see what happens.

ok, time to begin cutting, before the heat sets in.  then i will sit and sew.

love and beauty