it was late and i had begun to worry – but they arrived safe and sound.  at least, part of them.  no, some of them – those who arrived did have all their parts. ^_^  the girls were dropped off at mom’s and wade requested to be dropped off here in town.  since he confessed his love for a girl before they left, i spect he beat it to her door! ^_^  10 days is a long time when you are in love and apart!

didn’t see the little ones.  by the time i walked up there, they were already in bed.  given the time zone which they had left, it was well after midnight.  long day for 3 and 4 year olds.  as for tom, he admitted he wanted to stay there.  i am sooooo glad that isn’t possible.  i do not want to go back to ohio – nor do i want to once again be across the country from him.  and i too wish that big wonderful house could stay in the family – yes, even be his.  it would be a true dream come true for him.  while i would be happy for him – would not work at all for me.  altho – that big barn would make a fabulous home and studio! hmmmm ^_^

enough of that!!!

managed to get some kits cut and some sewing done.  also the final trip to mary’s house to advise on the background – sandy delivered it to me later in the day.  i have attached a photo of my first ‘pin up’ of it.  there is much to be done.  more mini crests to draw and a border to design.  however, i am somewhat relieved to see that my idea looks acceptable so far.  guess my biggest fear is that no one will like it enough to buy tickets.  now that would be embarrassing – no, humiliating!

oppquilt.jpgonce again, got only full size option, so tried to shrink it down my self without distorting it.

love and beauty