yes, i do realize that group of guys is going to have a good time laughing about that crazy old lady who lives in this little house ‘in the woods’.  guess it’s good to spread some cheer.

and now, there is a second group here.  i was giving them an earful, and they seemed to not understand what the h i was talking about.  first, i was upset because they parked their big trucks such that i could not get out of my own driveway.  and, second, “they”, in the course of dragging all those branches across the carport, had left the parking area of our driveway littered with the cardboard boxes that had been stacked on the carport!  eventually the spokesperson for the group realized that another crew had been here before them and that they were to blame.  hmmm  i would be very tempted to say, well, “they all look the same to me”.  not a good thought.  truth is, i just didn’t really look at the first crew.  hard hats and darker skin than mine.  that’s about all i can say.  oh, and all men.  so more a case of my own lack of observation – ok, and colored by one of those conversations that still lurk in here somewhere. sorry! 

so, they moved the trucks so i could get out.  no, i wasn’t planning to go to the store this early, but just felt onery enough to do it.  when i got back, trucks were better parked, so no problem.  and, before coming back here, watched as they cleaned up the mess.  including a bag of topsoil that had been tipped over and thus emptied at the base of the little kids’ basketball hoop and some of it dragged for several feet.  for that i had to lend them a broom and dustpan. 

and NOW i plan to applique!!  my nerves could use some calming. ^_^  as in, i just need to “get off it” !!!  and stop being a B_ _ _ _ _ !

love and beauty