in fact – very upset at the moment.  the tree butcherers are here and they have just done a number on my wonderful huge oak tree that provides me shade for the bedroom.  for those of you who live in a non-fire state – this is something that happens at least every other year.  this is the first time they have so badly attacked that wonderful tree.  and as i am writing, they are walking (within 7 feet of my window) by with the ‘carnage’.  they claim to cut to assure at least 13 feet between branches and wires.  however, i don’t believe the men who do the job care (or know!) one whit about the trees – so they just cut a lot to make sure they have fulfilled their requirement.  often they just leave the branches where they fall.  one year i complained about that, so now they tend to carry them out.  course that means they drag them and destroy any flowers i have planted in that bed along the path that leads to the back.  fortunately i didn’t plant anything new in there this year or it would be history about now.  at least they had to duck under that support i have for the tall baby pine tree that got bent during the winter when we had an unusual and heavy snowfall.  it’s just a long piece of fabric strips (what else?) ^_^ that go around the tree and are then tied to the garden fence – and thus you must do the limbo to pass under it. ^_^  ok, or just ‘duck’. 

 i suppose i could handle this better if i knew the cutting was done by someone who had some knowledge and care for the trees.  for these guys, it’s just a job.  and, yes, mostly they don’t speak english (at least not unless they have to).  which makes it even harder to communicate my ‘concerns’ – like they don’t understand at any level!  well, i guess it’s over for another year or two – and i’m sure that lovely old tree will survive.  perhaps if i had been a little ‘nicer’, i could have talked them into removing the dead branches which we could use, and which might eliminate a potential problem .  there is a big-ish one that will do some major damage to my shed if it lets go.  oh well.  they caught me at a bad time this time.  was already feeling ‘bad’ due to a less than wonderful sleep last night.  and so it goes. 

 it’s also a matter of feeling somewhat invaded or something – people just don’t come this close to my home.  i don’t live where there are people walking by – ever!  nor can i even see anyone – not unless they walk down the path to visit.  can’t even see cars driving by.  can hear them on the highway over there.  can barely see them sometimes if i try.  so, having several men walking by with chain saws and ropes and all manner of cutting tools – a little disconcerting. not to mention the fact that while they were in the tree, they were looking right into my bedroom window – and the bed is right under it.  when i tried to lie down because i was feeling like a really good cry – felt rather like a goldfish!  making the dogs crazy, that’s for sure.  tired of listening to that as well.  don’t want to discipline too much, for obvious reasons!  and now we are being entertained by the sound of the big chipper making mulch of what they cut.  hopefully it will end up being of use to someone.

so, on that note, i will close for now.  time to do some sewing (applique)  and recover what little sanity i can. ^_^

love and beauty