i realized yesterday that while i had been out there (and ‘yelling’ out my window) with thoughts something just less than wishing i could use their chain saws and other sharp instruments on them (the tree ‘butcherers’) – i was wearing this shirt!


so, today’s another day – brand new.  and i will do my best to leave yesterday’s disharmony right there!  and to get some work done as well. ^_^

the van has 4 new ‘feet’ – thought i was only buying 2, but tom thought i wanted 4, and i was out wandering in the car lot when he removed all four wheels.  came in to discover same, and he in process of balancing the new tires already installed on the rims.  oops!  ok, the two back tires did not match – a result of flat tires while i was travelling – both a result of having picked up something sharp.  one of them not so old, the other happened in 2005 on the way to houston – so it had several miles on it.  now i have four matching tires and all is well – except perhaps the credit card is very thin again.  yikes!  not to worry.  Life is Good, failure is not an option!   just remember that!!

and so, today, now that i have cleared the space after cutting all i could for all the ancient art kits – except for the ginko -i will begin the ginko cutting process.  it will be good to know exactly how many i have for each.  so i will cut all that i can.  or at least 24 of each colorway.  i will then know when i need to make a new one – and i do have some new fabrics for that.

i have also made some good progress on the latest motif for the opp quilt.  have some finishing up to do on a couple others, and then i need to draw 3 new mini’s.  then i need to decide what the heck i’m doing next and how!  probably doing some bamboo in a wide border, etc.  just not ‘designed’ yet.  scary!

gotta go

love and beauty