September 2007

it is now just after noon, and it has already been an interesting day. ^_^  i was in the shower and luxuriating with the warm water flowing over me.  had just lathered my face in cleansing cream, when, poof – no more water flow! ??  i listened and heard no sounds of gushing water behind the shower wall, nor outside.  hmmm  then heard sophie barking outside. ahah – as i suspected, tom out there and doing something which required the water to be shut off.  so, around went the towel and out the door i went.  “hey, what’s up?” says i.  “going to fix the leaking (outdoor) faucet”, says he.  “were you in the shower?”  no, dearie, i always take an early morning stroll around the property dressed only in a towel.  kind of invigorating, don’t cha know! 

no, didn’t actually say that – just begged for 5 minutes so i could complete the washing process!  came back in and filled the coffee maker and then went back to showering!

next time i went up he had discovered the real source of our huge water bills lately.  i mean, there have been no teens and only limited grass watering – with no real effect on the bill.  that is what prompted him to go ahead and fix the leaking faucet – which he had discovered the day he did the roto-rootering.  which, by the way, seems to have taken care of my bathroom flooding.  yea!  anyway, turns out the pipe that connects the two valves inside that concrete box to the inlet pipe to the house – was a pvc angle that (no big surprise!) had broken.  he is, even as we speak, in the process of replacing it.  fortunately, there were still pitchers of water stored in the fridge up there – (for when they were out of town and in fear of the water being turned off – so i would have something to use.) so i do at least have something to drink.   ahhhh, the joys of home ownership.  tried to warn him. ^_^

i didn’t mention last night the small blessing i had when i got back in town.  oh, or that there was another vendor up there who lives in pollack pines (up the hill from here).  we decided to ‘caravan’ all the way – it kinda helped to keep us both awake.  i mean, we had been ‘at work’ since 9 a.m.!  anyway – i had called erv right after i got on the road.  wanted to see if the gate alarm had been repaired, cause if not – i didn’t have to use the back gate and could just come in where i always do.  it hadn’t, yea!  i told him i’d be home around midnight – he promised not to wait up. ^_^  however, when i was just a couple exits away and it was about ten till twelve – my cellphone rang and it was erv!  “what are you doing up?!” –  he claimed he had been awakened by his bladder (not exactly how he put it, but you get the picture) and thought he’d call to see how close i was and would unlock the gate if i were close.  i told him i was – so when i arrived, there he was and the gate was wide open – how nice!!  he also helped me move the few things from rv to van – and i was on my way home in no time.  wonderful!

and that’s my story for today – so far. ^_^  now here’s a couple great ‘quotes’ for you.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.    ….Hafiz

There is something Divine about us which we have overlooked.  There is more to us than we realize.   ….The Science of Mind, pg 388

love and beauty

thought i’d just check in quickly before i have my pizza and wine.  actually, just drove home from yreka – pretty tired.  the show began at 9:00 this morning and i finally pulled out after tear down/pack it up at 7 p.m.  and here i am.  can you believe that erv just happened to wake up for a potty call in time to come out and open the gate at the rv storage place?!  what a blessing.  small things, that’s what it’s all about! ^_^ 

nite – oh, the show was less than spectacular – but cash flow none the less.

love and beauty

another birthday.  they are pretty non-wonderful these days.  essentially nothing happened – my son walked all the way down here with my mail in order to say happy birthday and ‘sorry, i don’t have anything for you but your mail’.  ok, then.  such is life with a tight budget!  did get a call from the girls – that was nice.  and suzanna stopped by with a lovely yellow tea rose and card. (she is the mother of the youngest grandchild, marcus)

i, like most everyone else on their birthday, worked.  got all the mini kits cut and enough folded to replenish what i needed.  can’t say i did much else – heck, it WAS by birthday!! ^_^

today i must take it all back to the rv and get ready to leave early tomorrow for yreka.  it’s only a (small) one day show.  while i can really use the cash flow right now, it’s probably not such a business savvy trip.  it’s about 5 hours, and gas prices have gone right back up – grrrr.  that rv is quite the gas hog!  and then next weekend, i go back up that way to chico.  that will be my last trip north.  after that it’s all ‘down south’ – including the long trip to houston.  where has this year gone???

the weather here is about perfect.  love this time of year.  good sleeping at night and mild temps during the day.  lots of sunshine since the rain last weekend.  leaves beginning to turn.  yes, we do have seasons in this part of calif.  just not as much color as new england.  the sun has moved toward the south, so i can take down that beautiful awning soon.  with the lower temps and the non-direct shining in, i don’t need it and rather like the increased light.  besides, it doesn’t handle the rain very well.

awning.jpgok, so it’s not really beautiful, but it does get the job done!  during the summer the sun shines directly thru that big window and even if i didn’t mind the light – the heat is something else!!  that big window is very old – single panes!  gets very hot at the sewing machine and ironing board – too hot for me!!  don’t even stand at the cutting table in the afternoon.  and, yes, i did make the awning myself.  the frame is abf pipe – the waste water version of pvc (black).  pvc does not come in the y-shaped piece i needed.  it may be b-ugly, but it has served me well for several years now!  the awning itself is that thermal ‘fabric’ that is like quilt batting with a metalic coating. ^_^  very effective.

love and beauty

i am planning to adopt the idea presented in the som magazine for today!  today and every monday will be a day of at least semi-rest! ^_^

the show – well, it could have been better – had i let it!  as i think about it today, i am very clear it was my own ‘mental attitude’ that produced the results!  saturday was actually a very good day.  however, i decided to hold it as significantly less than that and to stay in a relative state of ‘disappointment’ – which (no big surprise) only created more of the same.  sunday was a disaster in terms of ‘income’/sales!  dang!!  hate it when i do that! ^_^

i do know that my prayers are always answered, so i can expect that the necessary income is on its way even as we speak. ^_^  and i think it’s good to keep all the doors open – so, off to yreka i will go on friday.

i took the camera this weekend so i could take at least one picture to include here.  due to my ‘pissy’ attitude, i didn’t do that until the very end – so here’s a picture of the booth in the process of dis-assembly and that is bobbie. ^_^  sure hope she doesn’t mind.

(yea, got a thumbnail this time.)  those lovely pieces on the wall near bobbie are her designs and you can get to her webpage thru a link on mine.  worth the trip.  go to , click on her name in the drop down browser and you’ll find the link.

so now it’s time to enjoy this day.  while i will do some ‘work’, it will be done without stress and will be only what i really want to do! ^_^

love and beauty

well, all that blowing did result in some rain eventually.  long about sundown a few big drops, and then after dark a drizzle began.  rained enough overnight to put a big puddle in the wagon.  and enough off the roof of the big house that you can see where it ran down the path – those kind of ripples of ‘stuff’.  and my beautiful clean van – grrr – covered in a mixure of dust and tree pollen-like powder.

so here’s the picture of the fridge in its lovely ‘slicker’. ^_^  i decided to cover it just in case it rained while i’m gone this weekend.  did not expect it to happen so quickly, so very glad i did it.

fridge.jpgjust another work of art in hillbilly heaven. ^_^  it will do the job until i can get the necessary 2/4’s and erv can then build a shelter for it, and for me when i’m getting into it!  ok, no, i don’t get into it – i just get stuff out of it! ^_^ (funny how that picture looks.  it appears that there is a big pile of dirt next to the fridge.  well, sort of there is – but it is the hillside, steep, that goes straight up to the upper level of the property.  the tarp is kind of buldged out, so you can’t really see the side of the fridge.  looks very weird, i will admit!  oh, and what looks like the top of the dirt pile, is actually the shadow of the house.  if you follow the shadow of the tree you can see how the ground goes up)

just back from high sierra and a final short class as followup to last week’s class.  she had already scheduled a day off, so i agreed to come back.  also thought the person who didn’t show last week might decide to come today.  she didn’t.

stopped at the rv on the way home, so now have everything i need here.  still have some reloading to do as the stuff i removed in order to get the van cleaned is still sitting on the carport.  decided to come down here and loaf just a bit first.  erv just called and invited me to dinner to share a gift certificate he’s had for ages – for one of the local mexican restaurants.  what the heck – haven’t had a “date” in years!! ^_^  i’ve already made it painfully clear we will never be more than ‘friends’!!  a relationship is NOT something i choose to get involved in now – or ever (it feels like now)!  i know i’ve said that before – but at this age, probably a pretty good bet!  much more trouble than they are worth, been my experience.

love and beauty

a thing of beauty!

shower.jpghuh??  ok, probably not to you, with all its stains and remaining traces of rust.  but – relatively speaking, i have to tell you – well, you can guess! ^_^

it was not an easy task to remove the old caulk, still – more than worth the effort.  hopefully i can replace this thing before i do that again.  as i said, don’t really think it will ‘hold water’ if it  gets filled again, but feels and looks better!!  will make showering nicer. ^_^

finished folding and bagging all the kits – all the #1 ginko’s.  had to cut several more backgrounds, and don’t have patterns with which to finish.  am waiting till i know what all patterns i need before i use my 10% coupon at office max.  will need to do this same kind of process for patterns in order to be ready for both piqf and houston!  there are some patterns i do not have enough of – but that is ‘phase 2’ of the process.

there were more of those kits than i remembered, so by the time i had finished them all – too tired to sew.  i mean, it was already dark!  so, today i am going to see if i can finish that iris.  probably an ambitious project, but can surely come close! ^_^

and now it’s time to get to it!!

love and beauty

if you have read some of these in the past, you might remember the whole deal with the ‘sewer’ system i have.  that is, a holding tank in which a pump is immersed and periodically/on demand (as in when tank is full!) it pumps the ‘whatever’ up and into the line that runs from the big house to the real sewer.

well, the last couple of times i’ve been out of town i’ve come home to find a puddle on the bathroom floor.  and evidence of there having been water in the shower stall.  despite the facts of physics which indicate it is not possible for that to happen – as in coming from that tank and back into the house.  it has!  and the only place the water could have come from is from their sewer pipe – or from their house (toilets, shower, dishwasher, clothes washer, etc etc).  so, last night tom came home early armed with a rented “roto rooter” and ran it thru their line out to as far as it would go.  and then into the house in the line that goes to the laundry room, and into which most everything empties.  came down here to use it, but discovered my pipe is only 2″ dia and that is too small.  however, took another shot at lining up the portionof pipe in which the butterfly valve resides.  and we noticed that that length of pipe is not exactly horizontal – and so the gravity action is not as perfect as it should be – valve probably never closes completely.  and that could result in water leaking into the tank once it has ‘run down the hill’.  and if the pump is triggered and there is no place to pump in to!  well, despite belief, it does seem to come on up and into my shower! (without overflowing the tank out there!) and then, because it is an old and weary metal shower stall that needed to  be recaulked at the seam where bottom joins to walls – once deep enough, it seeped out and under and then ran out from under basteboard – and created the puddle i found.

sooo, this morning i spent removing old nasty caulk and rust and doing my best to put new stuff in.  don’t think it is water tight, but at least it looks better. ^_^  tom also did repair the faucets last night, so the hot water is no longer running down the wall constantly!  progress!! ^_^

on to more enjoyable stuff!!  here is a picture of the current, and last large, design for the opp quilt.  nearly finished, yea!  after this i still have 3 more mini iris to draw/design.  then the daunting task of designing the bamboo for the borders.  ok, just breathe – you can do it!! ^_^

new-iris.jpgthis one is my homage to what i think are wild iris growing around here.  perhaps they really aren’t wild, but they are yellow and i love them.  so this is a yellow and orange fabric – one of the ones i’ve used (and currently still have kits for) for the ginko pattern!

ok, back to folding the last of the already cut kits.  ain’t life grand!!

love and beauty

home safely – just arrived a little bit ago.  made record time – only 5 hrs from ashland to here – no stops of any kind!

class went well, sold some patterns as well – now i’m about ready to call it a day.  off to high sierra again tomorrow – don’t know if i will see anyone.  quite a bit to do this week to get ready for next weekend.

night     love and beauty

last couple of hours before heading up i-5 again.  on my way to ashland to teach tomorrow.  of course i did nothing to prepare for the trip yesterday.  just couldn’t get it together that way.  so, will rush around now. ^_^  nothing new!

did get a lot of kits completed – and moved up to the garage and into some kind of storage.  can’t say i’ve come up with a great storage system – just lots of baskets sitting around!  i think it would take an official and total reorganization of that part of the garage in order to get it really set up.  it’s ok for now.  there are still several things that need to be moved to the real storage shed at the offsite place – where the rv is also parked.  soon!  then we’ll see what i can do with the garage.  ok, not quite “soon” – not before the end of show season!!  way too much to do for now!!

still have a few kits to fold – all the #1’s (ginko’s).  not so many of each one – only what fabric there was left.  then i have to do a few more fused samples and cut for those.   probably NOT 24 each!

and now it’s on to packing for the trip.  will stop at the rv on my way by and pick up the samples to take with me.  plan to put up one quilt frame/rack and hang only the quilt and the two boards of nearly nouveau samples.  maybe take in the mini tub??  and small tubs with the other patterns.  and the tub of notions.  not hauling that heavy cart out of the rv – will use the ladder/two wheeler! (if anything)

gotta go,   love and beauty

no ‘obligations’ for today or tonight!  now that does not mean ‘nothing to do’!! ^_^  for one thing, i must get myself gathered together to go teach the class in ashland – plan to leave here around noon so as to arrive at karen’s house about 6 pm.  class is all day tomorrow and then i will drive back after.  may require a bit of coffee!

only two people yesterday.  very weird – the person who was coming up from sac did not show.  nor have i heard from her.  when i spoke with karen on wed, the friend of this person was actually in the shop and spoke about her ‘being enrolled in my class down here’.  no idea what that’s about.  however, am going to go back next thurs even tho we did a full day this time.  perhaps she will show up then??  or, maybe even decided to come on up to ashland for a visit with her friend and just take the class up there???

man, it is downright chilly here!!  only about 50 deg when i got up.  summer certainly left town while i was gone!!  best be getting erv over here to put a ‘house’ around that fridge out there before the rains come!  hope they hold off till next week when i can purchase the necessary 2×4’s!

so, today will be about  gathering stuff together for the class – don’t want to drag all the big tubs into the shop, so will just take a few patterns in small tubs.  and not sure about whether appropriate to take kits. ??  perhaps will take them and just have them in the van and play it by ear.  will be taking notions(including thread), as that was the question karen asked wed.  also today, will be completing the kits i had folded while in bandon.  i did some last night – still have one partially folded and all the #1’s yet to fold.  once all of those are complete it’s time to do some additional fused samples and then more to cut!!  oh, and the mini kits are in pretty sad shape!  definitely have to cut a lot of those!  rachel will be happy to help with that folding. ^_^  that is if i’m home long enough to let her!

oh, sad news – a week or so ago the mama deer was here and she had only one baby with her.  and today she was here – alone. 😦  at least i assume it was her.  i have seen a couple of males in addition to her, don’t think there have been any other females.  dang!

weird.jpgjust thought i’d give you something different to look at.  and to prove i do occassionally piece!  (are there really two s’s in that word?)

love and beauty

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