more days till i’m on the road again.  am i ready? not exactly.  for one thing, i must go to the rv and get it ready.  i need to sanitize and drain and refill the water tank.  it really needs a checkup and oil change, etc – but that will have to wait a while. 

i also haven’t taken care of my clothes yet.  in fact, while i did get them out of the rv, they haven’t made it out of the van.  now i will have to wait until monday when tom and candace are gone to work – my dryer doesn’t have a ‘warm’ setting, and that is what i need in order to use the drycleaning sheets i bought to clean those silk dresses.  i did manage to do some laundry today, even hung it outside.  figured i’d make up a little energy for everyone using their ac’s these days.  and i finally broke down and turned on the cooler in spite of the leak that is watering part of the lawn.  i think some of the birds are enjoying it.  nice fine spray to play in. ^_^  it’s plenty cool in here – almost seems to be working better than when it’s getting a full supply.  maybe i should just turn that valve part way in the future. ???

a bit of a breeze out there.   not sure what that’s about.  still hit 100 here.  looks like coming from the south, so not a ‘bad’ wind.  bobbie always says it’s the north wind you have to watch out for.

finished all the kits i’m going to do before this show in bandon.  from now on i will just fold as much as i can whenever i can.  don’t really have all that much time before the two big shows.  there are some patterns i need to take to office max for copies, but that too will have to wait.  some other big payments coming due and certainly not enough to cover them right at this instant!  ahhh, and this too shall pass.  somehow it always works out.  am doing my best not to stress. ^_^

sophie and i went for a walk yesterday.  she is as overweight as i!  my plan was to do 2 miles, but she began her ‘please pick me up’ routine just about 1/2 mile out.  i think we made about another 1/4 mile and i began to be a little concerned.  so, we jogged back to the 1/2 mile marker and then walked on in to cool down.  it’s a very nice path – paved and for bikes as well.  plus room for horses alongside.  have only been on it one other time.  i think the paved section is 3 miles long. (and all a gradual uphill climb on the way out!) then there’s some additional path that goes all the way up the steep hill to a restaurant just at the edge of camino.  don’t remember how much longer that part is.  i did the whole 6 miles last time – which resulted in a blister on my foot.  been a long time again!  we’ll see if i get myself there today – or i should say ‘us’!  she needs it as much as i and i decided i’d really like for her to live a long life!  rather like her company – even with all the barking.


love and beauty