using that title cause most of what i have to say today has to do with critters in one way or another!

first, we did walk again.  and while we made it all the way to the 1 mile mark – once again sophie was showing some major decrease in enthusiasm during the second half-mile.  one thing i noticed is that the second half-mile, and probably the entire rest of the path – is definitely more than a ‘gradual uphill climb’.  for anyone who has driven from placerville to south lake tahoe, you know all too well that it is all uphill!  ok, up ‘mountain’, really.  and that first stretch up to camino is pretty steep.  well, this walking path runs right along hwy 50 and goes up the same hill!  as soon as we turned around and headed down, she was once again a few steps ahead of me, like normal.  while not running around like when we first got out of the car – at least not walking behind me and occassionally even having to ‘catch up’.  however, i did notice, on the way up – there might have been a very slight sign of a limp.  wasn’t sure.  did notice how filthy dirty she was!  between the dirt path here, and the dirt path for the horses along the walking path, all the fringe on her legs and tummy have turned nearly as brown as her spots!  plus, last night i noticed she was chewing on one front foot.  when i investigated i found a lot of stuff stuck inbetween and around her pads!  these big pine cones and needles around here have lots of super sticking stuff on them.  the kind you can’t even wash off!  between burrs and other bits and pieces of stuff stuck on with that glue – no wonder she was having trouble walking!!  i trimmed away what i could.  will probably do more after she gets a good bath!  well, it’s really a shower.  nothing else available in these digs!  another reason to have her lose some weight – heavy to hold up to the shower head to get a good rinsing!! ^_^

and then there’s the ants!  this time they came marching in even while i was still awake and watching tv!  just before i was ready to retire, pepe started buggin me and meowing – like he has done each morning when i discovered his food covered in ants.  for some reason he refuses to eat them – or walk in them! ^_^  i took my glass to the kitchen and then had the thought to check his food – and there they were again!! grrrr  this time i was so irritated i even sprayed with 409 as well as the detergent water.  i figure that stuff would kill anything!!  then, didn’t know what to do about providing food for pepe and knew he might just keep me awake if he didn’t have any.  so, decided to put some dry food in a small bowl and then sat IT inside a shallow bigger ‘bowl’ and put detergent water in the larger bowl, creating a kind of ‘moat’ to protect the food.  and hoped the water would not deter mr pepe.  there was evidence that he had eaten – and no ants – when i got up this morning.  i’m thinking i will see if tom has any real ant spray and see if i can discourage them from coming in.  may have to remove a piece of window trim to see the hole??  looks like they come out from under it, across that wall to the ajoining wall, up that one on a diagonal and across it just above the cabinet, down along the cabinet and onto the passthru ledge – where both the wet and dry food are.  and back and forth they go – and what i see is a 1″ wide living/moving stripe!  grrrr  hate killing things, and also hate them in my house. 

and then there is the lizard.  forgot to write about it on the day pepe brought it in.  it managed to get away from him – more than once.  and the last time squeezed into a small space between a wooden box and the bathroom wall.  i had assumed it was still in here and yesterday saw it again.  silly thing had come up the wall against which all of this equipment sits – which is the same wall that contains the passthru.  and there he (she?) was, front feet just up onto the ledge and checking it all out.  i informed it that it was probably not a good idea to place one’s self upon the dining table of the very cat which had brought it in!  i guess he realized the same thing and quickly disappeared.  as far a i’m concerned, he’s welcome to stay – plenty of bugs to eat!!

and then, this morning!  let sophie out and headed to the bathroom.  fortunately i happened to look down at just the right moment – just before i stepped upon a dead field rat!!!  good grief!  no, not a sewer rat!  these are just rather like field mice – only significantly larger and with very long tails!  i noticed when i picked him up – yes, with a plastic bag, rather like picking up dog poop – he was quite stiff.  not a recent kill – don’t know how long it takes, really. ^_^

as for work – i have completed all the full sized kits.  have the mini tub out there in the wagon, and will bring it in to inventory and then cut what i need.  then, before i leave on tues – have my clothes to handle.  as well as the water tank deal.  and taking all tubs back to the rv.  oh, and perhaps, reorganizing the thread tub?  oh, forgot, still the one tub with jacket, cat and other ‘odd’ patterns to retrieve and review/restock.  it’s always something. ^_^

love and beauty