however, this one is nearly gone as well!  i didn’t get to the rv to do the water tank flush and refill yet.  missed my opportunity earlier when it was still ‘cool’ – watched the delayed broadcast of the bengals’ game. ^_^ my rare moments with tom!  anyway, so now am waiting for it to cool a little again.  at least for the sun to be not so straight down on me.  which means as soon as i finish here.

i guess i’m nearly ready.  have chosen some clothes – other than the ‘in the booth’ ones, and those i still have to do the drycleaning thing – tomorrow.  don’t need to head out all that early.  am just going to stay someplace outside of medford, so it’s a short drive in the morning t0 jacksonville.  class begins at 9:30 – don’t be late! ^_^

just finished the last big leaf on that iris for the opp quilt, and packed all the gear so i can work on it while i’m on the road.  cut all the templates to make it easier to work on in the booth or in the rv.  i have heard lots of ‘promises’ that the show won’t be very busy.  would rather have them all be wrong – but just in case…….  will also take the big tub full of unfolded kits, again.  sometimes that’s about all i can get myself to do – if even that!  don’t do as much ‘work’ in the evenings as i used to when this kind of ‘work’ was ‘play’.  it was an escape from all the stuff i had to do then – like two jobs and school, etc, etc.  how did we do all that???  something to this being young (and stupid!) ^_^

so, when i go to the rv shortly, i will take the last of the tubs and get everything packed – yes, except for what i always think is ‘just a few personal things’ that seems to take 3 trips up the path – even using the wagon!  just can’t bring myself to put the laptop and ‘office’ (with the bank in it) into the van the night before.  not with all the strange folks the teens had walking in and out of here.  seems that has stopped since they are all gone – but ya just never know.  i’m sure some of them were ‘homeless’ and i suspect someplace they know they could get into might be tempting on a bad day.  has made it a real pain with both garage doors locked – hate having to remember to take a key with me.  ahhh, the joys of children.  can you believe we used to think it would be so much easier once they were grown up – and didn’t get into stuff or break things. ho ho ho  teenagers make toddlers look like angels! ^_^  ok, so they all are – but you know what i mean. ^_^

ok, erv just called wondering when i’m coming to do the rv thing.  he needs to run down the road for cigars – so i told him i would be there shortly.  bye  talk to you from somewhere!

love and beauty