leaving today.  again, the shop in jacksonville was only able to round up 2 people and i decided it wasn’t worth it.  half what i earned would go to lodging for tonight!  yes, might have sold some thread, etc.  however – given i am teaching the same class in ashland on the 16th – and i really do want that one to happen – it seemed wiser to just send folks there!  those who were enrolled were from medford, i think – so about the same distance to drive.  and a much nicer classroom!  i do believe i won’t try the jacksonville fiasco again!

and that means i have essentially a free day.  ok, will certainly take the opportunity to get some work done!  not like i don’t have anything to do!!!  those big shows are going to be here before i know it – and there are lots of little pieces of fabric to fold.  not to mention the opportunity quilt to finish.  of course i took my sewing stuff to the rig last evening when i went to do the water thing.  should have listened to that little nagging something when i carried the bag from the van to the rv!!  grrr  we are always guided – we just seldom listen.

i even got the dresses drycleaned this morning.  and while up there, noticed a very long ‘cable’ cord – which i ‘borrowed’.  was being used in the girls’ room(s) – which are now essentially empty.  i think it is what i need to hook up to free cable in the rv places.  now all i have to do is figure out how to get that silly tv to work with it.  one time i borrowed on at a campground, i couldn’t get anything.  yes, did try setting the tv to ‘cable’ – still nothing.  so, not sure if the cable was bad, or my tv needs some other setting??  not real ‘literate’ in that area these days.  all i can do to remember my way back home sometimes. ^_^

time to do something.

love and beauty