and so i will definitely be leaving today.  in about 3 hours.  it was one of those “ok, now what do i do?” days!  so, went to the rv and retrieved the sewing bag and big tub of unfolded kits.  probably didn’t need both!  did manage to get some more pieces sewn on for the opp quilt iris.  i think i’m going to like it! ^_^  am doing in yellows as a ‘tribute’ to what seem to be wild yellow iris around here.  at least in our yard/neighborhood!  once i have finished this one, i have 3 additional mini’s to draw and sew!  then – will be truly flying by the seat of my pants!  pretty scary cause it’s such a ‘public’ project!!  yikes!

at least one of the people from the jacksonville class did enroll in the ashland version.  i will be calling karen today and checking in with her.  i’m sure she will be happy to hear the other class got cancelled.  she had ‘suggested’ it last time we spoke when i indicated there might only be two people enrolled.  at that time i declined the suggestion.  well, thought i had.  guess not! ^_^  once i had done it, it felt rather like the right thing to do – for me.  perhaps it IS time to be regarding myself a little more ‘professionally’??  hmmmm  some element of the whole ‘self worth’ issue.  doesn’t work so well to ask others to do what you cannot! ^_^

ok, guess i will now begin the final prep, for real.  at least i went to the store, so don’t have to do that on the way to the rv.  so it’s really a matter of hauling it up the path to the van – no small feat!  and, getting myself cleaned up – and geared up mentally.  i have noticed there is an additional element of something (don’t want to call it fear) – excitement? – when i am taking the rv.  ya just don’t drive those big things ‘unconsciously’ – rather like a motorcycle, takes mental alertness at all times!  and mine is so ‘easy’ to drive since it seems rather just like the van – just can’t forget about that hugh box sitting on that frame!

off to hugo!

love and beauty