don’t think i’ve ever been set up this early before – and i’ve already been here at the rv park(ing lot) for about an hour! (time to trim my nails again – having trouble typing).  there are only 3 vendors there, one more was coming.  both she and the local shop are only setting up a one table/no walls deal.  so the only other ‘booth’ is holly from newport (quilter’s cove)!  they kept telling me what a small show it is.  guess i can believe it now.  i did bring some fabric to sell – just in case there’s not an applique person in sight!

it was feeling a little warm earlier, but the wind has picked up and it’s downright chilly.  lovely.  more than i can say for this rv place.  very nice people, but just nothing more than a parking lot, really.  will work just fine for what i am doing, i guess.  altho, if the hours really are 10 – 4, that makes for a longish evening.  guess sophie and i will go for a long walk in the neighborhood.  we are right on a side street, and ON 101.  at least it is reasonable.  could drive to old town and wander, i suppose.  just don’t usually do things like that during a show.  that just might be classified as ‘fun’ and not sure that’s allowed. ^_^  and i did bring plenty of work to do.  plus a couple movies to watch.  and, hey, there’s always majong.  ahhhh, so many choices. ^_^

if you’re in the area, the show is at the farwest hall on 42s, just a block off 101, on the right.

the trip was uneventful, except for the unconscious things i kept doing.  missed the first ‘cheap’ gas stop and thought i had enough to get to the next one.  then i began to panic as the needle landed on that orange mark.  given i’ve never run out of gas in this thing(nor do i want to) i don’t know how accurate the gauge is – so chickened out and stopped one exit early.  as often happens, the pump stopped at $50 – actually, at $47 and change this time???  i decided that would be enough to get me to oregon.  (not even close!!)  and since i was thinking that, elected not to stop and finish filling when i got to the ‘cheap’ gas exit (25 cents cheaper!)  so, that meant another expensive stop long before the border!

and once in hugo, i realized how nice it would have been to get there earlier and have a relaxing evening in that lovely setting.  i mean, i really had no reason not to leave earlier.  just piddled around till noon – in fact 12:30 by the time i pulled out.  i’m certain there was another silly thing i did, but can’t remember now. 

so, now let’s just beat the odds and have a really great show.  ^_^   at least it’s cool and sunny.  not sure how far it would be to walk to where i could see the water.   certainly plenty of boats in this area.  i can see 3 out the front window.  perhaps i’ll inquire.

love and beauty