of three for the show.  not exactly a barn burner – still ok relative to what expected.  promises of much better tomorrow.  if that happens, i just might meet my goal. ^_^  doing my best to be affirmative here.

did go check out the state park rv parking.  oh my, how nice. 😦  i have no idea howcome i disregarded the vendor person’s recommendation.  i cannot claim ignorance.  dang.  so, here i am – and lucky to be – so the state park person told me.  guess the cranberry festival packs em into this little town!  someone at the show did say old town area was jammed today.  and this place seems to have filled up.  so, i will count my blessings and stop whining.  i could have called there instead of here – just too bad for silly me! 

 i thought sophie and i might take a walk on the beach out by the lighthouse, but the wind was just too much.  once again it was rocking this rv like a boat.  and as the park owner was attempting to help me get this silly tv to work with cable – the cable went out!  don’t know if a result of the wind or someone hitting a pole – or?????  i gave up on the hooking up between and just brought the cable in the window and straight to the tv.  if/when it comes back on, will see if that works!   since it didn’t work last night – i just watched one of the 3 spiritual cinema circle movies.  be ok to do that again.

did have a little upset in the middle of the night.  the traffic had finally died a little and i had been sleeping.  not sure what came first – me awake or awakened by someone’s very loud car stereo!  lasted quite some time.  grrrr.  all in all didn’t have a perfect night’s sleep – not awful, just not perfect.  and so it goes, don’t cha know. ^_^

love and beauty