at my brother’s house in novato – rv parked out front, hillbilly extension cord strung across the yard, etc. ^_^  arrived late last night, well 8 p.m. – long day at the wheel from brookings.  stayed there at a wonderful state park sunday night.  just couldn’t drive any more.  woke up sick sunday morning, something i just don’t do (get sick, that is).  eventually got myself to the show.  new friends in adjoining booths covered for me.  and wouldn’t cha know, it was busy!  somehow made it thru the day.  after talking with michael today it was as i suspected – not food poisoning, but what i would call “dehydration” – and he called an electrolite imbalance.  does make you some kind of dizzy, let me tell you!!  makes climbing down from that cab-over bunk very interesting.  don’t recommend it!

the show turned out to be just fine for me – whew!  can relax just a tad.  (and WILL trim these nails when i get home – impossible to type on this laptop).  will be going home tomorrow and have a class to teach on thursday – all day.  then head on up to ashland on sat to teach on sunday.  may drive home that night.  be in the van, so not quite as tiring.  man, that old beat up concrete on hwy 101 bout shook  my eyeballs out yesterday!  and the noise from everything in the rig rattling.  aaaaarrrrggghhhh

and the bengals won!!! yea!! ^_^

ok, back to folding fabric in the rv till dinner.  not sure what we’re doing yet.  they are out walking – therapy for erlinda who is dealing with her brother’s illness right now (cancer, etc – not at all long term promising) 😦

love and beauty