and somewhat rested.  got here just in the knick!  had the most important leg of the drip system turned off the whole time i’ve been gone.  i think i used the other leg with the sprinkler to soak the oleanders and forgot to turn the important one back one.  another day and most of my flowers would have been toast – literally.  dang!

otherwise, all is well here far as i can tell.  don’t know how far they got in the preparation of the big house for the daycare thing – don’t see any big changes on the outside.  i know they went to the dump cause tom had to call me to retrieve candace’s truck keys i had hidden down here. (from when they went to ohio)

and i found the missing ‘package’ with the opportunity block in it – safely tucked in the back of the van.  grrr.  oh well, used my spare time to fold kit fabric, so not a total waste – and i actually got a lot of those done!  yea!!

now i have the job of hauling it all down, checking what i need and preparing some smaller tubs to take to ashland on sat for the class on sunday.  had a call from karen – still only 4 people enrolled.  boo hoo.  so, in order to have the class, i agreed to less money and they don’t make any.  anyone in the area?  plenty of seats left! ^_^

have a class going at high sierra tomorrow.  i know i have 2, maybe it was 3?  guess i’ll find out when i get there.  need to bring in a little more moooola as the mancuso brothers are expecting a big check from me in the next few days! (piqf balance due)  it’s always something! ^_^

had a notice from the grass valley show that i was not accepted.  guess that means i’m going somewhere else – or i just need some extra time to prepare and travel to portland, oregon for spring market.  no need to get upset, always something else comes up when what i think i want doesn’t turn out. ^_^

hmmm, speaking of that – there was nothing here from the yuma folks.  that’s not good.  perhaps my message did not get to her before she left town.  hopefully it will still be ok when she gets back.  OR – i repeat what i just said. ^_^

love and beauty