no ‘obligations’ for today or tonight!  now that does not mean ‘nothing to do’!! ^_^  for one thing, i must get myself gathered together to go teach the class in ashland – plan to leave here around noon so as to arrive at karen’s house about 6 pm.  class is all day tomorrow and then i will drive back after.  may require a bit of coffee!

only two people yesterday.  very weird – the person who was coming up from sac did not show.  nor have i heard from her.  when i spoke with karen on wed, the friend of this person was actually in the shop and spoke about her ‘being enrolled in my class down here’.  no idea what that’s about.  however, am going to go back next thurs even tho we did a full day this time.  perhaps she will show up then??  or, maybe even decided to come on up to ashland for a visit with her friend and just take the class up there???

man, it is downright chilly here!!  only about 50 deg when i got up.  summer certainly left town while i was gone!!  best be getting erv over here to put a ‘house’ around that fridge out there before the rains come!  hope they hold off till next week when i can purchase the necessary 2×4’s!

so, today will be about  gathering stuff together for the class – don’t want to drag all the big tubs into the shop, so will just take a few patterns in small tubs.  and not sure about whether appropriate to take kits. ??  perhaps will take them and just have them in the van and play it by ear.  will be taking notions(including thread), as that was the question karen asked wed.  also today, will be completing the kits i had folded while in bandon.  i did some last night – still have one partially folded and all the #1’s yet to fold.  once all of those are complete it’s time to do some additional fused samples and then more to cut!!  oh, and the mini kits are in pretty sad shape!  definitely have to cut a lot of those!  rachel will be happy to help with that folding. ^_^  that is if i’m home long enough to let her!

oh, sad news – a week or so ago the mama deer was here and she had only one baby with her.  and today she was here – alone. 😦  at least i assume it was her.  i have seen a couple of males in addition to her, don’t think there have been any other females.  dang!

weird.jpgjust thought i’d give you something different to look at.  and to prove i do occassionally piece!  (are there really two s’s in that word?)

love and beauty