last couple of hours before heading up i-5 again.  on my way to ashland to teach tomorrow.  of course i did nothing to prepare for the trip yesterday.  just couldn’t get it together that way.  so, will rush around now. ^_^  nothing new!

did get a lot of kits completed – and moved up to the garage and into some kind of storage.  can’t say i’ve come up with a great storage system – just lots of baskets sitting around!  i think it would take an official and total reorganization of that part of the garage in order to get it really set up.  it’s ok for now.  there are still several things that need to be moved to the real storage shed at the offsite place – where the rv is also parked.  soon!  then we’ll see what i can do with the garage.  ok, not quite “soon” – not before the end of show season!!  way too much to do for now!!

still have a few kits to fold – all the #1’s (ginko’s).  not so many of each one – only what fabric there was left.  then i have to do a few more fused samples and cut for those.   probably NOT 24 each!

and now it’s on to packing for the trip.  will stop at the rv on my way by and pick up the samples to take with me.  plan to put up one quilt frame/rack and hang only the quilt and the two boards of nearly nouveau samples.  maybe take in the mini tub??  and small tubs with the other patterns.  and the tub of notions.  not hauling that heavy cart out of the rv – will use the ladder/two wheeler! (if anything)

gotta go,   love and beauty