if you have read some of these in the past, you might remember the whole deal with the ‘sewer’ system i have.  that is, a holding tank in which a pump is immersed and periodically/on demand (as in when tank is full!) it pumps the ‘whatever’ up and into the line that runs from the big house to the real sewer.

well, the last couple of times i’ve been out of town i’ve come home to find a puddle on the bathroom floor.  and evidence of there having been water in the shower stall.  despite the facts of physics which indicate it is not possible for that to happen – as in coming from that tank and back into the house.  it has!  and the only place the water could have come from is from their sewer pipe – or from their house (toilets, shower, dishwasher, clothes washer, etc etc).  so, last night tom came home early armed with a rented “roto rooter” and ran it thru their line out to as far as it would go.  and then into the house in the line that goes to the laundry room, and into which most everything empties.  came down here to use it, but discovered my pipe is only 2″ dia and that is too small.  however, took another shot at lining up the portionof pipe in which the butterfly valve resides.  and we noticed that that length of pipe is not exactly horizontal – and so the gravity action is not as perfect as it should be – valve probably never closes completely.  and that could result in water leaking into the tank once it has ‘run down the hill’.  and if the pump is triggered and there is no place to pump in to!  well, despite belief, it does seem to come on up and into my shower! (without overflowing the tank out there!) and then, because it is an old and weary metal shower stall that needed to  be recaulked at the seam where bottom joins to walls – once deep enough, it seeped out and under and then ran out from under basteboard – and created the puddle i found.

sooo, this morning i spent removing old nasty caulk and rust and doing my best to put new stuff in.  don’t think it is water tight, but at least it looks better. ^_^  tom also did repair the faucets last night, so the hot water is no longer running down the wall constantly!  progress!! ^_^

on to more enjoyable stuff!!  here is a picture of the current, and last large, design for the opp quilt.  nearly finished, yea!  after this i still have 3 more mini iris to draw/design.  then the daunting task of designing the bamboo for the borders.  ok, just breathe – you can do it!! ^_^

new-iris.jpgthis one is my homage to what i think are wild iris growing around here.  perhaps they really aren’t wild, but they are yellow and i love them.  so this is a yellow and orange fabric – one of the ones i’ve used (and currently still have kits for) for the ginko pattern!

ok, back to folding the last of the already cut kits.  ain’t life grand!!

love and beauty