a thing of beauty!

shower.jpghuh??  ok, probably not to you, with all its stains and remaining traces of rust.  but – relatively speaking, i have to tell you – well, you can guess! ^_^

it was not an easy task to remove the old caulk, still – more than worth the effort.  hopefully i can replace this thing before i do that again.  as i said, don’t really think it will ‘hold water’ if it  gets filled again, but feels and looks better!!  will make showering nicer. ^_^

finished folding and bagging all the kits – all the #1 ginko’s.  had to cut several more backgrounds, and don’t have patterns with which to finish.  am waiting till i know what all patterns i need before i use my 10% coupon at office max.  will need to do this same kind of process for patterns in order to be ready for both piqf and houston!  there are some patterns i do not have enough of – but that is ‘phase 2’ of the process.

there were more of those kits than i remembered, so by the time i had finished them all – too tired to sew.  i mean, it was already dark!  so, today i am going to see if i can finish that iris.  probably an ambitious project, but can surely come close! ^_^

and now it’s time to get to it!!

love and beauty