well, all that blowing did result in some rain eventually.  long about sundown a few big drops, and then after dark a drizzle began.  rained enough overnight to put a big puddle in the wagon.  and enough off the roof of the big house that you can see where it ran down the path – those kind of ripples of ‘stuff’.  and my beautiful clean van – grrr – covered in a mixure of dust and tree pollen-like powder.

so here’s the picture of the fridge in its lovely ‘slicker’. ^_^  i decided to cover it just in case it rained while i’m gone this weekend.  did not expect it to happen so quickly, so very glad i did it.

fridge.jpgjust another work of art in hillbilly heaven. ^_^  it will do the job until i can get the necessary 2/4’s and erv can then build a shelter for it, and for me when i’m getting into it!  ok, no, i don’t get into it – i just get stuff out of it! ^_^ (funny how that picture looks.  it appears that there is a big pile of dirt next to the fridge.  well, sort of there is – but it is the hillside, steep, that goes straight up to the upper level of the property.  the tarp is kind of buldged out, so you can’t really see the side of the fridge.  looks very weird, i will admit!  oh, and what looks like the top of the dirt pile, is actually the shadow of the house.  if you follow the shadow of the tree you can see how the ground goes up)

just back from high sierra and a final short class as followup to last week’s class.  she had already scheduled a day off, so i agreed to come back.  also thought the person who didn’t show last week might decide to come today.  she didn’t.

stopped at the rv on the way home, so now have everything i need here.  still have some reloading to do as the stuff i removed in order to get the van cleaned is still sitting on the carport.  decided to come down here and loaf just a bit first.  erv just called and invited me to dinner to share a gift certificate he’s had for ages – for one of the local mexican restaurants.  what the heck – haven’t had a “date” in years!! ^_^  i’ve already made it painfully clear we will never be more than ‘friends’!!  a relationship is NOT something i choose to get involved in now – or ever (it feels like now)!  i know i’ve said that before – but at this age, probably a pretty good bet!  much more trouble than they are worth, been my experience.

love and beauty