i am planning to adopt the idea presented in the som magazine for today!  today and every monday will be a day of at least semi-rest! ^_^

the show – well, it could have been better – had i let it!  as i think about it today, i am very clear it was my own ‘mental attitude’ that produced the results!  saturday was actually a very good day.  however, i decided to hold it as significantly less than that and to stay in a relative state of ‘disappointment’ – which (no big surprise) only created more of the same.  sunday was a disaster in terms of ‘income’/sales!  dang!!  hate it when i do that! ^_^

i do know that my prayers are always answered, so i can expect that the necessary income is on its way even as we speak. ^_^  and i think it’s good to keep all the doors open – so, off to yreka i will go on friday.

i took the camera this weekend so i could take at least one picture to include here.  due to my ‘pissy’ attitude, i didn’t do that until the very end – so here’s a picture of the booth in the process of dis-assembly and that is bobbie. ^_^  sure hope she doesn’t mind.

(yea, got a thumbnail this time.)  those lovely pieces on the wall near bobbie are her designs and you can get to her webpage thru a link on mine.  worth the trip.  go to www.artfullyapplique.com , click on her name in the drop down browser and you’ll find the link.

so now it’s time to enjoy this day.  while i will do some ‘work’, it will be done without stress and will be only what i really want to do! ^_^

love and beauty