another birthday.  they are pretty non-wonderful these days.  essentially nothing happened – my son walked all the way down here with my mail in order to say happy birthday and ‘sorry, i don’t have anything for you but your mail’.  ok, then.  such is life with a tight budget!  did get a call from the girls – that was nice.  and suzanna stopped by with a lovely yellow tea rose and card. (she is the mother of the youngest grandchild, marcus)

i, like most everyone else on their birthday, worked.  got all the mini kits cut and enough folded to replenish what i needed.  can’t say i did much else – heck, it WAS by birthday!! ^_^

today i must take it all back to the rv and get ready to leave early tomorrow for yreka.  it’s only a (small) one day show.  while i can really use the cash flow right now, it’s probably not such a business savvy trip.  it’s about 5 hours, and gas prices have gone right back up – grrrr.  that rv is quite the gas hog!  and then next weekend, i go back up that way to chico.  that will be my last trip north.  after that it’s all ‘down south’ – including the long trip to houston.  where has this year gone???

the weather here is about perfect.  love this time of year.  good sleeping at night and mild temps during the day.  lots of sunshine since the rain last weekend.  leaves beginning to turn.  yes, we do have seasons in this part of calif.  just not as much color as new england.  the sun has moved toward the south, so i can take down that beautiful awning soon.  with the lower temps and the non-direct shining in, i don’t need it and rather like the increased light.  besides, it doesn’t handle the rain very well.

awning.jpgok, so it’s not really beautiful, but it does get the job done!  during the summer the sun shines directly thru that big window and even if i didn’t mind the light – the heat is something else!!  that big window is very old – single panes!  gets very hot at the sewing machine and ironing board – too hot for me!!  don’t even stand at the cutting table in the afternoon.  and, yes, i did make the awning myself.  the frame is abf pipe – the waste water version of pvc (black).  pvc does not come in the y-shaped piece i needed.  it may be b-ugly, but it has served me well for several years now!  the awning itself is that thermal ‘fabric’ that is like quilt batting with a metalic coating. ^_^  very effective.

love and beauty