it is now just after noon, and it has already been an interesting day. ^_^  i was in the shower and luxuriating with the warm water flowing over me.  had just lathered my face in cleansing cream, when, poof – no more water flow! ??  i listened and heard no sounds of gushing water behind the shower wall, nor outside.  hmmm  then heard sophie barking outside. ahah – as i suspected, tom out there and doing something which required the water to be shut off.  so, around went the towel and out the door i went.  “hey, what’s up?” says i.  “going to fix the leaking (outdoor) faucet”, says he.  “were you in the shower?”  no, dearie, i always take an early morning stroll around the property dressed only in a towel.  kind of invigorating, don’t cha know! 

no, didn’t actually say that – just begged for 5 minutes so i could complete the washing process!  came back in and filled the coffee maker and then went back to showering!

next time i went up he had discovered the real source of our huge water bills lately.  i mean, there have been no teens and only limited grass watering – with no real effect on the bill.  that is what prompted him to go ahead and fix the leaking faucet – which he had discovered the day he did the roto-rootering.  which, by the way, seems to have taken care of my bathroom flooding.  yea!  anyway, turns out the pipe that connects the two valves inside that concrete box to the inlet pipe to the house – was a pvc angle that (no big surprise!) had broken.  he is, even as we speak, in the process of replacing it.  fortunately, there were still pitchers of water stored in the fridge up there – (for when they were out of town and in fear of the water being turned off – so i would have something to use.) so i do at least have something to drink.   ahhhh, the joys of home ownership.  tried to warn him. ^_^

i didn’t mention last night the small blessing i had when i got back in town.  oh, or that there was another vendor up there who lives in pollack pines (up the hill from here).  we decided to ‘caravan’ all the way – it kinda helped to keep us both awake.  i mean, we had been ‘at work’ since 9 a.m.!  anyway – i had called erv right after i got on the road.  wanted to see if the gate alarm had been repaired, cause if not – i didn’t have to use the back gate and could just come in where i always do.  it hadn’t, yea!  i told him i’d be home around midnight – he promised not to wait up. ^_^  however, when i was just a couple exits away and it was about ten till twelve – my cellphone rang and it was erv!  “what are you doing up?!” –  he claimed he had been awakened by his bladder (not exactly how he put it, but you get the picture) and thought he’d call to see how close i was and would unlock the gate if i were close.  i told him i was – so when i arrived, there he was and the gate was wide open – how nice!!  he also helped me move the few things from rv to van – and i was on my way home in no time.  wonderful!

and that’s my story for today – so far. ^_^  now here’s a couple great ‘quotes’ for you.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.    ….Hafiz

There is something Divine about us which we have overlooked.  There is more to us than we realize.   ….The Science of Mind, pg 388

love and beauty