September 2007

home safely – just arrived a little bit ago.  made record time – only 5 hrs from ashland to here – no stops of any kind!

class went well, sold some patterns as well – now i’m about ready to call it a day.  off to high sierra again tomorrow – don’t know if i will see anyone.  quite a bit to do this week to get ready for next weekend.

night     love and beauty

last couple of hours before heading up i-5 again.  on my way to ashland to teach tomorrow.  of course i did nothing to prepare for the trip yesterday.  just couldn’t get it together that way.  so, will rush around now. ^_^  nothing new!

did get a lot of kits completed – and moved up to the garage and into some kind of storage.  can’t say i’ve come up with a great storage system – just lots of baskets sitting around!  i think it would take an official and total reorganization of that part of the garage in order to get it really set up.  it’s ok for now.  there are still several things that need to be moved to the real storage shed at the offsite place – where the rv is also parked.  soon!  then we’ll see what i can do with the garage.  ok, not quite “soon” – not before the end of show season!!  way too much to do for now!!

still have a few kits to fold – all the #1’s (ginko’s).  not so many of each one – only what fabric there was left.  then i have to do a few more fused samples and cut for those.   probably NOT 24 each!

and now it’s on to packing for the trip.  will stop at the rv on my way by and pick up the samples to take with me.  plan to put up one quilt frame/rack and hang only the quilt and the two boards of nearly nouveau samples.  maybe take in the mini tub??  and small tubs with the other patterns.  and the tub of notions.  not hauling that heavy cart out of the rv – will use the ladder/two wheeler! (if anything)

gotta go,   love and beauty

no ‘obligations’ for today or tonight!  now that does not mean ‘nothing to do’!! ^_^  for one thing, i must get myself gathered together to go teach the class in ashland – plan to leave here around noon so as to arrive at karen’s house about 6 pm.  class is all day tomorrow and then i will drive back after.  may require a bit of coffee!

only two people yesterday.  very weird – the person who was coming up from sac did not show.  nor have i heard from her.  when i spoke with karen on wed, the friend of this person was actually in the shop and spoke about her ‘being enrolled in my class down here’.  no idea what that’s about.  however, am going to go back next thurs even tho we did a full day this time.  perhaps she will show up then??  or, maybe even decided to come on up to ashland for a visit with her friend and just take the class up there???

man, it is downright chilly here!!  only about 50 deg when i got up.  summer certainly left town while i was gone!!  best be getting erv over here to put a ‘house’ around that fridge out there before the rains come!  hope they hold off till next week when i can purchase the necessary 2×4’s!

so, today will be about  gathering stuff together for the class – don’t want to drag all the big tubs into the shop, so will just take a few patterns in small tubs.  and not sure about whether appropriate to take kits. ??  perhaps will take them and just have them in the van and play it by ear.  will be taking notions(including thread), as that was the question karen asked wed.  also today, will be completing the kits i had folded while in bandon.  i did some last night – still have one partially folded and all the #1’s yet to fold.  once all of those are complete it’s time to do some additional fused samples and then more to cut!!  oh, and the mini kits are in pretty sad shape!  definitely have to cut a lot of those!  rachel will be happy to help with that folding. ^_^  that is if i’m home long enough to let her!

oh, sad news – a week or so ago the mama deer was here and she had only one baby with her.  and today she was here – alone. 😦  at least i assume it was her.  i have seen a couple of males in addition to her, don’t think there have been any other females.  dang!

weird.jpgjust thought i’d give you something different to look at.  and to prove i do occassionally piece!  (are there really two s’s in that word?)

love and beauty

and somewhat rested.  got here just in the knick!  had the most important leg of the drip system turned off the whole time i’ve been gone.  i think i used the other leg with the sprinkler to soak the oleanders and forgot to turn the important one back one.  another day and most of my flowers would have been toast – literally.  dang!

otherwise, all is well here far as i can tell.  don’t know how far they got in the preparation of the big house for the daycare thing – don’t see any big changes on the outside.  i know they went to the dump cause tom had to call me to retrieve candace’s truck keys i had hidden down here. (from when they went to ohio)

and i found the missing ‘package’ with the opportunity block in it – safely tucked in the back of the van.  grrr.  oh well, used my spare time to fold kit fabric, so not a total waste – and i actually got a lot of those done!  yea!!

now i have the job of hauling it all down, checking what i need and preparing some smaller tubs to take to ashland on sat for the class on sunday.  had a call from karen – still only 4 people enrolled.  boo hoo.  so, in order to have the class, i agreed to less money and they don’t make any.  anyone in the area?  plenty of seats left! ^_^

have a class going at high sierra tomorrow.  i know i have 2, maybe it was 3?  guess i’ll find out when i get there.  need to bring in a little more moooola as the mancuso brothers are expecting a big check from me in the next few days! (piqf balance due)  it’s always something! ^_^

had a notice from the grass valley show that i was not accepted.  guess that means i’m going somewhere else – or i just need some extra time to prepare and travel to portland, oregon for spring market.  no need to get upset, always something else comes up when what i think i want doesn’t turn out. ^_^

hmmm, speaking of that – there was nothing here from the yuma folks.  that’s not good.  perhaps my message did not get to her before she left town.  hopefully it will still be ok when she gets back.  OR – i repeat what i just said. ^_^

love and beauty

at my brother’s house in novato – rv parked out front, hillbilly extension cord strung across the yard, etc. ^_^  arrived late last night, well 8 p.m. – long day at the wheel from brookings.  stayed there at a wonderful state park sunday night.  just couldn’t drive any more.  woke up sick sunday morning, something i just don’t do (get sick, that is).  eventually got myself to the show.  new friends in adjoining booths covered for me.  and wouldn’t cha know, it was busy!  somehow made it thru the day.  after talking with michael today it was as i suspected – not food poisoning, but what i would call “dehydration” – and he called an electrolite imbalance.  does make you some kind of dizzy, let me tell you!!  makes climbing down from that cab-over bunk very interesting.  don’t recommend it!

the show turned out to be just fine for me – whew!  can relax just a tad.  (and WILL trim these nails when i get home – impossible to type on this laptop).  will be going home tomorrow and have a class to teach on thursday – all day.  then head on up to ashland on sat to teach on sunday.  may drive home that night.  be in the van, so not quite as tiring.  man, that old beat up concrete on hwy 101 bout shook  my eyeballs out yesterday!  and the noise from everything in the rig rattling.  aaaaarrrrggghhhh

and the bengals won!!! yea!! ^_^

ok, back to folding fabric in the rv till dinner.  not sure what we’re doing yet.  they are out walking – therapy for erlinda who is dealing with her brother’s illness right now (cancer, etc – not at all long term promising) 😦

love and beauty

of three for the show.  not exactly a barn burner – still ok relative to what expected.  promises of much better tomorrow.  if that happens, i just might meet my goal. ^_^  doing my best to be affirmative here.

did go check out the state park rv parking.  oh my, how nice. 😦  i have no idea howcome i disregarded the vendor person’s recommendation.  i cannot claim ignorance.  dang.  so, here i am – and lucky to be – so the state park person told me.  guess the cranberry festival packs em into this little town!  someone at the show did say old town area was jammed today.  and this place seems to have filled up.  so, i will count my blessings and stop whining.  i could have called there instead of here – just too bad for silly me! 

 i thought sophie and i might take a walk on the beach out by the lighthouse, but the wind was just too much.  once again it was rocking this rv like a boat.  and as the park owner was attempting to help me get this silly tv to work with cable – the cable went out!  don’t know if a result of the wind or someone hitting a pole – or?????  i gave up on the hooking up between and just brought the cable in the window and straight to the tv.  if/when it comes back on, will see if that works!   since it didn’t work last night – i just watched one of the 3 spiritual cinema circle movies.  be ok to do that again.

did have a little upset in the middle of the night.  the traffic had finally died a little and i had been sleeping.  not sure what came first – me awake or awakened by someone’s very loud car stereo!  lasted quite some time.  grrrr.  all in all didn’t have a perfect night’s sleep – not awful, just not perfect.  and so it goes, don’t cha know. ^_^

love and beauty

don’t think i’ve ever been set up this early before – and i’ve already been here at the rv park(ing lot) for about an hour! (time to trim my nails again – having trouble typing).  there are only 3 vendors there, one more was coming.  both she and the local shop are only setting up a one table/no walls deal.  so the only other ‘booth’ is holly from newport (quilter’s cove)!  they kept telling me what a small show it is.  guess i can believe it now.  i did bring some fabric to sell – just in case there’s not an applique person in sight!

it was feeling a little warm earlier, but the wind has picked up and it’s downright chilly.  lovely.  more than i can say for this rv place.  very nice people, but just nothing more than a parking lot, really.  will work just fine for what i am doing, i guess.  altho, if the hours really are 10 – 4, that makes for a longish evening.  guess sophie and i will go for a long walk in the neighborhood.  we are right on a side street, and ON 101.  at least it is reasonable.  could drive to old town and wander, i suppose.  just don’t usually do things like that during a show.  that just might be classified as ‘fun’ and not sure that’s allowed. ^_^  and i did bring plenty of work to do.  plus a couple movies to watch.  and, hey, there’s always majong.  ahhhh, so many choices. ^_^

if you’re in the area, the show is at the farwest hall on 42s, just a block off 101, on the right.

the trip was uneventful, except for the unconscious things i kept doing.  missed the first ‘cheap’ gas stop and thought i had enough to get to the next one.  then i began to panic as the needle landed on that orange mark.  given i’ve never run out of gas in this thing(nor do i want to) i don’t know how accurate the gauge is – so chickened out and stopped one exit early.  as often happens, the pump stopped at $50 – actually, at $47 and change this time???  i decided that would be enough to get me to oregon.  (not even close!!)  and since i was thinking that, elected not to stop and finish filling when i got to the ‘cheap’ gas exit (25 cents cheaper!)  so, that meant another expensive stop long before the border!

and once in hugo, i realized how nice it would have been to get there earlier and have a relaxing evening in that lovely setting.  i mean, i really had no reason not to leave earlier.  just piddled around till noon – in fact 12:30 by the time i pulled out.  i’m certain there was another silly thing i did, but can’t remember now. 

so, now let’s just beat the odds and have a really great show.  ^_^   at least it’s cool and sunny.  not sure how far it would be to walk to where i could see the water.   certainly plenty of boats in this area.  i can see 3 out the front window.  perhaps i’ll inquire.

love and beauty 

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