October 2007

a real day off.  so, we went to galveston to walk on the beach and get our toes wet in warm water.  lovely.  also had lunch at a nice restaurant – outside, looking at the water.  nice warm day.they have these funny big black birds here – look rather like large grackles.  they make the strangest noises – first they make a crackling kind of sound and then a very high pitched screech/whistle.  they were hanging around the table and suddenly one jumped up onto the empty chair next to me and then grabbed the piece of bread off my side plate!  i guess i had moved it too far away from my main plate!  he wasn’t able to hold onto it, but it surely did startle me!  once i threw him a few croutons he seemed to be satisfied and stopped bugging me.

we did a little laundry – after a nap, that is – once back here.  now just doing about nothing!  did fold and stuff the last of the kits i didn’t finish at home.  nearly 8:30 and i haven’t eaten dinner – hmmm.  no tv on either.  i hate it that i can’t get the cable stations so i can watch my harmless hgtv.  just can’t take any more emotional stimulations these days. ^_^ and the world series didn’t last very long, did it?!

tomorrow morning it’s back to reset the  booth – get out the kits, etc.  then back here to rest and then back in the booth for the preview , 5-10pm tomorrow night.  hopefully will be lots busier than market.

love and beauty

hi ya’ll

so, market its over.  i must admit it was a lot less then wonderful – for anyone.  very poorly attended – not sure why.  even worse than salt lake.  sooooo – am counting on festival to carry me!  need to make expenses and add a little to the bank account!  speaking of that – went in to check my balance and discovered they had already charged me for all 11 nights at this hotel!!  first of all – hotels never do that!  secondly – half of it needs to go on bobbie’s card!  yikes!  called the desk, they(she) claimed they’ve always done it that way.  NOT – stayed here two years ago and i know they didn’t do it then!! grrrr  we will stop at the desk before we head out and get that handled.

going to drive to galveston today – sightsee, have lunch, etc.  then back here to rest for the evening.  tomorrow we need to go in early and reset out booths, then back for a rest – then in again for the preview that’s 5 – 10pm.  then it’s four long days before the long drive home.

i was in costa mesa the weekend right before we left – and i do mean “right before”!!  had do drive home overnight, sunday night – good thing i did or i may not have gotten out!  left about 1 am, fought the wind till i went over the grapevine!  drove right past the orange country fires.  did stop and sleep once i was well beyond it all.  hard to sleep because in an rv you are parked with the trucks and sometimes they come and go – with much huffing and puffing of those big diesels!  aaarrgh.  made it home and to the rv storage with exactly 24 hours to unpack/rearrange/repack and sleep before heading out again.  somehow managed.  and we took a route that avoided the wind and fires.  took a little longer but it sure was pretty!!  we had to drive a little longer the next two days – but well worth it.  sure wish i had had my camera out of the ‘office’ bag – great views!!  i am going to find out what i need to do to add a camera card reader to this thing!  not happy it do’esn’t already have a built in ‘port’!!

ok, time to enjoy my day off!

love and beauty

to say hello goodbye!  what a great show!!  and now i have even more to do to get ready for houston – not to mention this coming weekend.  crazy life i lead. ^_^

it was a great show in every respect – including the quilts, of course.  got some pictures in the (e)mail but no time to look at them.  once i do, i will share them with you – at least one or two.

today is about regrouping and seeing just how much i can get done – as will be each day this week.  can i do it??  we shall see. ^_^

love and beauty

so far, good enough.  three more days to go.  full of pizza and wine for now and about to call it a day.  yes, early – just as well.  need to conserve my strength that will be much needed over the next few weeks!  i thought life was supposed to be easy at this age!!!? ^_^

will say the quilts are once again outrageously incredible.  and i haven’t even gotten to the international ones.  you really should try to make it here.

love and beauty

ok, so i set myself up to fail last night with all my stupid whining.  and got exactly what i predicted.  grrrr.  so, today i declare a great day! 

one thing that has become (painfully?) clear is that i must make some changes this coming year!!  all this running around from show to show has caused me to stop creating!  and if you are going to visit the same areas over and over, you’d best have something new for your ‘regulars’!!  i knew that!! 😦  silly girl!!  and so, 2008 will be the year of new designs – remember, you read/heard it first here. ^_^

with that i will go eat my breakfast and get ready for a successful and prosperous day.

love and beauty

in the hotel and just resting until i must go back for the silly preview deal.  it’s silly because it is only 1 1/2 hrs which is not long enough to either see the quilts or do any real shopping.  the vendors all hate it.  it’s such hard work to get here and get setup – the last thing you want to do is change clothes and come back and stand around.  perhaps some of them way up front do a little business, but those of us way in the back sure don’t do much!  yes, i am whining. ^_^

i’ll keep you posted.

love and beauty

today is setup day for pacific international – goes thru sunday.  if you live in the area, well worth the trip.  quilts from all over the world.   rather a bit like houston, only smaller – still, takes more than one day to see everything.  (‘cept for bobbie. ^_^ )  i usually don’t get to see much as i can’t leave the booth for long periods.  i am right by the wearables, so get to check those out on the way to the bathroom (also closeby).  oh, booth #633.

it is raining, and i am hoping it stops before i have to begin hauling things up.  most stuff with regard to the business end is up there – except for the ‘office’.  however, have laptop, suitcase, dresses and ‘food’ still to take up.  also some last minute patterns i was able to put together once i installed the new print heads!  yea!!  i took the advice of a customer and put all 15 mini patterns in one ‘package’ and priced them just over 20% off.  since i don’t have a ‘quilt’ with them all in it, i had to just do a computer pasteup kind of deal – not perfect, but not bad.

well, tried to put the picture in here, but it’s a word document now and that didn’t work so well.  guess you’ll just have to come to the show. ^_^  won’t offer it on the webpage, not for now.  it will be a show special only.    see ya there!

love and beauty

just a brief hello, goodnight.  arrived home safely from chico.  not a great show for me.  too many applique patterns in one small spot!  oh well, better than sitting home making no money at all – can at least make the rv payment.

perhaps more tomorrow, need to eat and drink and sleep now.

love and beauty

well, picked up all those copies – to the tune of over $300 with business card paper and brochure paper and an extra ream of the paper i use to print covers!!  once home, i managed to get one of the two extremely heavy boxes out of the van and into the wagon and down the path.  i decided to bring it inside in ‘pieces’, so to speak – as in one design at a time.  as i am shuffling thru the deep pile stacked in the box – looking for the colored separators, i notice that not only do i not see any colored sheets, but there is definitely something not right.  and then i realize what is ‘wrong’ – they were coallated!!  100 sets of 17 ‘masters’, quickly and easily done with their machine!!  however- it takes a whole lot longer to UNdo, i can tell you that!!  and just during the time when i have very little ‘time’!!  aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!  i’m sure the 6 mini’s were similarly done – haven’t opened the second box – or even removed it from the van. 

 so, i managed to separate out 20 copies of the ones i wanted to do to finish all the ancient art patterns for houston.  i left all the nearly nouveau as is and will just fold and separate at the same time.

now, while i am doing this i am printing like mad – covers and back pages to complete the pattern as it is purchased in its little ziplock bag.  suddenly, the printer just quits, halfway thru a page.  ok, must have run out of black ink since the warning had been there for a bit.  still, seemed a little early.  when i looked at the ‘message’ i discovered i must replace all four print heads!!!  damn!  don’t know how much they cost – do know the ink cartridges are about $30-35. each!  i’ll tell ya – it’s always something!!

did not get to the rv yesterday, guess i will today and make another stop at off max so i can continue printing.  would have been nice to include with the 10% off coupon!  guess all this means i’m gonna make even more money than i thought over the next 6-8 weeks!  easy go, easy come! ^_^

ok, off i go.  have a great day!

love and beauty

on the way out the door to office max to pick up a gazillion copies.  then i will have to get a portion of them folded and stuffed into zip bags with covers and back pages.  this design work is not all glamour and glitz! ^_^

essentially ready for chico, have 10 flannel jacket patterns to complete assembling – means a lot of printing.  did the words yesterday, still have all the diagrams, etc to do, as well as covers.  then, i think i will haul the tubs back to the rv, along with my show dresses.  that will leave mininal additional prep and gathering before i head out on friday.  not a long drive, yahoo says just over 2 hrs.  setup doesn’t begin until 1 p.m. and can go as late as 8:00.  i need min 3 hrs, probably closer to 4.  plenty of time, no need to leave at crack of dawn, or during morning rush.  midmorning be ok.  before they all come out again for lunch! ^_^

so, will use most of today’s time in preparation for houston.  lots of printing of pattern covers and backs – not to mention all that folding.  ugh  maybe i will allow myself a small break and work on that opp quilt iris block! (circle, actually) ^_^

inside2.jpgmy lovely work/cutting table. ^_^

love and beauty