on the way out the door to office max to pick up a gazillion copies.  then i will have to get a portion of them folded and stuffed into zip bags with covers and back pages.  this design work is not all glamour and glitz! ^_^

essentially ready for chico, have 10 flannel jacket patterns to complete assembling – means a lot of printing.  did the words yesterday, still have all the diagrams, etc to do, as well as covers.  then, i think i will haul the tubs back to the rv, along with my show dresses.  that will leave mininal additional prep and gathering before i head out on friday.  not a long drive, yahoo says just over 2 hrs.  setup doesn’t begin until 1 p.m. and can go as late as 8:00.  i need min 3 hrs, probably closer to 4.  plenty of time, no need to leave at crack of dawn, or during morning rush.  midmorning be ok.  before they all come out again for lunch! ^_^

so, will use most of today’s time in preparation for houston.  lots of printing of pattern covers and backs – not to mention all that folding.  ugh  maybe i will allow myself a small break and work on that opp quilt iris block! (circle, actually) ^_^

inside2.jpgmy lovely work/cutting table. ^_^

love and beauty