well, picked up all those copies – to the tune of over $300 with business card paper and brochure paper and an extra ream of the paper i use to print covers!!  once home, i managed to get one of the two extremely heavy boxes out of the van and into the wagon and down the path.  i decided to bring it inside in ‘pieces’, so to speak – as in one design at a time.  as i am shuffling thru the deep pile stacked in the box – looking for the colored separators, i notice that not only do i not see any colored sheets, but there is definitely something not right.  and then i realize what is ‘wrong’ – they were coallated!!  100 sets of 17 ‘masters’, quickly and easily done with their machine!!  however- it takes a whole lot longer to UNdo, i can tell you that!!  and just during the time when i have very little ‘time’!!  aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!  i’m sure the 6 mini’s were similarly done – haven’t opened the second box – or even removed it from the van. 

 so, i managed to separate out 20 copies of the ones i wanted to do to finish all the ancient art patterns for houston.  i left all the nearly nouveau as is and will just fold and separate at the same time.

now, while i am doing this i am printing like mad – covers and back pages to complete the pattern as it is purchased in its little ziplock bag.  suddenly, the printer just quits, halfway thru a page.  ok, must have run out of black ink since the warning had been there for a bit.  still, seemed a little early.  when i looked at the ‘message’ i discovered i must replace all four print heads!!!  damn!  don’t know how much they cost – do know the ink cartridges are about $30-35. each!  i’ll tell ya – it’s always something!!

did not get to the rv yesterday, guess i will today and make another stop at off max so i can continue printing.  would have been nice to include with the 10% off coupon!  guess all this means i’m gonna make even more money than i thought over the next 6-8 weeks!  easy go, easy come! ^_^

ok, off i go.  have a great day!

love and beauty